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Last updated: December 13, 2019
What did Robert Frost believe that nature was?

parable, people won’t understand
His poems were written ____ so that _____.

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american symbol
At the age of 40, he was an _____.

touched things as they are
His poems were loved for their familiarity, they ____.

violence, by the throat
Critics said that he organized ___ upon language.

He had a way of taking life ____.

yankee poet, were without humans
He was nicknamed the ____ and was considered a humanist because only 2 of his poems ___.

Eleanor White
He grew up in New Hampshire and married ___.

10, save himself, understood
He lived on a farm for ___ years, going there to ____. He wanted to be ___.

insufficent knowledge and courage
Because poets begin writing between ages of 15 and 25, they must begin with ___.

labor, motion
“Mowing” contained a rhythem of ___, repeated ____.

the poem comes to him
A lyric poet often appears to be passive because ___.

wisdom, statement
The delight moves to ___ and the poet arrives to his final ___.

4 times
Frost won the Pulitzer for poetry ___.

heaven, Autumn
“After Apple Picking” takes place on the way to ___. It was an ode to ____.

written greatest poems, 2 books (“A boys will” and “North of Boston”)
By 1912 he had ___, sold his farm, and moved to England where he published _____.

Great American Poet, poet
He wanted to clinch the title of ____ and establish his credentials as ___.

against great traditional English poetry
In 1914 he moved to Glouchershire to test his poetry ___.

He is noted especially for the sound of ___.

a sound in itself in which words may be strung
What is his definition of a sentence?

voices behind a door (tone of your voice)
Where is the best place to find this?

good fences make good neighbors
What was “Mending Wall” an example of?

he had lost a child himself
“Home Burial” had an element of Frost himself in it.

..what was it?

on paper
“Wood Pile” could be a poem of self-referrential because it symbolizes a poem set ___.

disorder, order
Frost said that we rise from __ to make ___ and that is what a poem represents.

harmful, disregarded the individuals’ capacity to act
How did Frost feel about Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Depression?

his wife’s death and 2 children
“Acquainted with the Night” was written after what event in Frost’s life?

Oxford and Cambridge Universities
What two honorary degrees meant the most to Frost?

terror, wise sage of wisdom
The controversy that arose from the critic Trillings speech on Frost’s 85th birthday was over the discussion of the kind of poet Frost would be remembered as.

Trillings indicated that Frost was a poet of ____, but others preferred to view him as ___.

write about fear, hatred terror and emptiness
The narrator indicated that he felt Frost was a poet who had the guts to__

Someone’s thoughts, usually talking about someone

A story

Has dialogue, can be performed as a play

written in stanzas, broken up into groups

has stanzas, has 14 lines and has to rhyme

Blank Verse
never rhymes, has iambic pentameter (5 sets of syllables in a line stressed and unstressed) unstressed is first and stressed is second

Continuous verse
similar to blank verse, but has some random rhymes

nature, but some with humans
What is the setting of Frost’s poems?

Acquanted with the Night- structure

His depression after his wife died
Acquanted with the Night represents what?

It was a long depression
Acquanted with the Night symbolizes what?

It’s in the city and all of his other poems are in nature
What is unique about the setting?

The moon
What does the luminary clock refer to?

Mending a wall, 2 neighbors get together every spring to get fix a wall
Mending Wall-topic

Barriers that people put up for themselves, the walls we create in our relationships
Mending Wall-the metaphor of the wall

Hunters, nature when the land freezes, “elves”
Mending Wall-gaps created by what?

The gaps
Mending Wall-What does the extra syllable mean in some of the lines?

The old stone savage armed with his rocks, referring to a caveman because he’s not very smart
Mending Wall- What does the speaker compare his neighbor to?

The only time they socialize is when they’re building the wall
Mending Wall- What is the irony of the poem?

simplicity of nature
Stopping by the Woods- What has the narrator stopped to observe?

He lives in town
Stopping by the Woods- What can we infer about the owner of the property?

Whether he should stop or go
Stopping by the Woods- What is the conflict of the poem?

Stanzaic lyric
Stopping by the Woods- What is the structure of the poem?

The winter soltice
Stopping by the Woods- What does the “darkest evening of the year” refer to?

He has to keep going; he has obligations to his family and the world
Stopping by the Woods- What are the promises the narrator refers to?

Stanzaic lyric
Road not Taken- What is the structure of the poem?

A man struggling when there’s a fork in the road, the struggle with making decisions
Road not Taken- What is the topic? The theme?

Because he’s means that the road NOT taken when people interpret to take the road
Road not Take- Why is it misunderstood?

Blank verse, a narrative (true story)
Out, Out- What is the structure of the poem?

Out, Out- What literary element is given to the saw?

The boy’s accident
Out, Out- Topic?

The child was robbed of his childhood because he was a child doing a man’s work
Out, Out- The theme of the poem?

Blank Verse, lyric
Birches- What is the structure?

Boy swinging on the birch trees
Birches- What is the topic?

Escaping back to where you didn’t have any responsibilities, carefree childhood
Birches- What does he compare swing in birch trees to?

To misunderstand him, he wants carefree experience but doesn’t want to die
Birches- What does he ask fate not to do?

It’s making the child accept reality
Birches- How did Truth affect the poet?

A carefree time, a chance to escape all of his responsibilities for a while
Birches- What does climbing birch trees represent?

A woodpile that’s been left in the middle of the woods
The Wood Pile- What is the subject of the poem?

The Wood Pile- What does the bird represent?

It’s just been left there, and man’s work has gone to waist
The Wood Pile- What disturbs the narrator about the wood pile?

Man’s work
The Wood Pile- What is the woodpile a symbol of?

Continuous form, lyric
After Apple Picking- What is the structure of this poem?

He’s tired; Frost is exhausted by his own ambition
After Apple Picking- How has apple-picking affected the narrator?

Becoming a Great American Poet
After Apple Picking- What is the greatest harvest desired?

Writing poetry
After Apple Picking- What is apple picking a metaphor of?

Dramatic narrative
Home Burial- What is the structure?

How a married couple deals with the death of their child
Home Burial- What is the topic?

The end of their marriage
Home Burial- What is being foreshadowed in the poem?

They grieve differently
Home Burial- What is the conflict?

The windows looking into the graveyard
Home Burial- What is framing the confrontation?

How difficult death is and how hard it is to share grief
Home Burial- What is the narrator’s purpose?

Buried their son
Home Burial- What is the woman angry with her husband about?

A metaphor of how he built this beautiful fence and how the weather comes and rots it (metaphor to his son’s death)
Home Burial- What is the man’s comment about the birch fence symbolize?

When he tells her she was making too much of it, people are watching
Home Burial- What mistake does the husband make when speaking to his wife?

She wants to hold on to her grief
Home Burial- How does the wife feel about her grief?

It’s his personal thoughts and has 13 lines that rhyme
Mowing- Why is it considered a lyrical sonnet?

Active mowing
Mowing- What is the topic?

Hard work and the pleasure of work itself
Mowing- What does the act of mowing represent?

Alliteration and some personification
Mowing- What literary elements are in the poem?

The sound of sense, he uses alliteration to make the sounds of the wind
Mowing- Which of Frost’s techniques are used in the poem?

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