Poetry Time Periods

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Belonging to the reign of King James I (1603-1625); the word itself is derived from the Latin word for James. In contrast to the promise and optimism of the Elizabethan era, Jacobean literature was colored by darker, doubting tones. In addition to the drama of the period, the word is also applied to architecture and furniture.

During the Renaissance and during the reign of Elizabeth I; There was a great outburst of lyric poetry.

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This is the period in which Shakespeare, Donne, Spenser, and Marlowe flourish.

a rebirth,renewal;a revival of humanism in the 14th century to 16th century europe; started in Italy

A philosophical and literary movement of the 1800s which emphasized living a simple life while celebrating the truth in nature, emotion, and imagination. (Think Thoreau and Emerson)

19th-century western European artistic and literary movement; held that emotion and impression, not reason, were the keys to the mysteries of human experience and nature; sought to portray passions, not calm reflection.

A literary branch of realism which suggested that social conditions, heredity, and environment helped to shape human character, 1865-1900. Honore de Balzac, Upton Sinclair are examples.

Literary movement in the 1890s with an emphasis on create arts and liberating people from societies constraints. It was a remedy for uncertainty and the writing sought to bring order and every genre was written in this way

Beat Writers
group of American writers, late 1950s led by poet Allen Ginsberg, and the novelist Jack Kerouac.Writers of the beat generation dropped out of middle class society in search of “ecstasy” through drugs, sex, and Zen buddhism. Their lose styles favor spontaneous self expression and recitation to jazz a companymen.

Imagism was a literary movement that flourished between 1912 and 1927.

Led by Ezra Pound and Amy Lowell, the Imagist poets rejected nineteenth-century poetic forms and language. Instead, they wrote short poems that used ordinary language and free verse to create sharp, exact, concentrated pictures.

A movement in art, philosophy, and the social sciences that argues that it is impossible to study reality objectively.

It rejects the grand theoretical claims of the modern era and stresses the possibility of multiple interpretations in social inquiry, the arts, and politics.

Metaphysical poets
Applied to a group of 17th century poets; chiefly Donne, Carew, George Herbert, Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Marvell, Cleveland and Cowley who employed arresting and original images and conceits, wit, ingenuity, dexterous use of colloquial speech, considerable flexibility of rhythm and meter, complex themes, a liking for paradox and dialectical argument, direct manner, caustic humor, keenly felt awareness of mortality and a distinguished capacity for elliptical thought and tersely compact expression.

A late 18th and early 19th century style in painting and artwork that emphasized an idealized version of classical (Greek and Roman) art. An example is the work of the French painter David.

Restoration Age
period in the 1660 where satire and wit were prevalent. The writers reacted to puritanism and aristocratic intrigues. The heroic couplet was invented and used

Realistic time period

COMPLETE opposite of Romantic Period. Wrote in a very realistic and honest style. Novels and Short Stories were important.

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