Poetry Vocab 4th grade

Topic: LiteratureSatire
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Last updated: December 14, 2019
a person who writes poems

a form of writing that expresses ideas and feelings through the sound and rhythm of words, as well as their meaning

the art or process of writing poems

a word or line that has the same ending sound as another.

free verse
a poem with irregular rhyme or no rhyme

a literary device that repeats beginning consonant sounds.

words borrowed from sound such as clang, buzz, and squeak

a literary device that compares two unlike items. Ex. The road was a winding ribbon.

a literary device that compares two unlike items using the word like or as.

end rhyme
the rhyming of words at the ends of two or more lines of poetry.

internal rhyme
the rhyming of words in the middle of lines

approximate rhyme
when words come close to the same sounds ex. done and come

the repeating of a word or phrase to add rhythm or to emphasize a certain idea

poetry pattern
concrete poems written in the shape of the poem’s main idea

acrostic poem
a poem in which the title is printed vertically and eah letter is used to create a phrase which describes the topic.

a literary device that gives human qualities to animals, ideas or objects

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