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Last updated: December 5, 2019
poima means

pioeín means
to make

what are three grouping of lines in poetry?
couplet, tercet , and quatrain

define rhyme
exact or true:: Words that end in both the same vowels sound

define slant rhyme
words that end in a similar way but not exact sound

define rhyme scheme
a set pattern of rhyme

define tone
the emotional attitude towards the reader or the subject implied by the poem

define alliteration
the repetition of the consonant sounds at the BEGINNING of a word

define assonance
the repetition of the vowel sounds

define streak of consciousness
a literary genre that reveals a characters thought and feelings as they develop (usually “long thoughts” are shown as happening in just a few seconds)

what was Robert Frost’s time period

how many children did he have in total

true or false: when Robert was 17 years old his father passed away
FALSE,, he was 11 years old

true or false: the first born died at the age of four out of the 6 kids

out of other the five kids was it the (youngest/oldest) to die at 3 DAYS old
youngest was the one to die 3 DAYS old

frost was awarded the Pulitzer Prize how many times ?

which were his most famous poems
“Mending Wall” “Home Burial” “The Road Not Taken” “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

true or false: he was a French poet

make sure to study Nothing Gold Can Stay notes !!!!!!!!!!
make sure to study Nothing Gold Can Stay notes !!!!!!!!!!

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