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Last updated: October 31, 2019

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Policy Ethics (w1. MJ) Question 1 Through his assortment of literature works, Rohr argues that the use of constitutional principles in the public sector is more effective than public administrative ethics. To start with, this philosopher asserts that the moral values of civil servants should relate to policies in the Constitution of any country.

This is because they vow to uphold this charter in their duties hence should follow all rules throughout their employment period. Therefore, he advises public workers to consider these constitutional doctrines while performing their duties. For example, police officers ought to understand the structural implications of their work while arresting a suspect in order to avoid making decisions based on their personal opinions or feelings. Rohr also addresses bureaucracy in this sector in relation to citizens’ perceptions.

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According to him, for government employees to uphold moral principles, they should formulate policies based on the Constitution. This is in order to avoid criticism from the public on implementation of formulated guidelines. However, he argues that the society should not expect their leaders to be perfect in all their tasks. Moreover, employment of these policies enables civil servants to make exemptions to conservative moral values, submission to opinionated governance, and use of flexible authority. According to this argument, justification and legitimization of the contemporary administrative model should relate to the government structure through the Constitution. As such, the public administration should support this document by holding all government employees accountable. Question 2 Dobel is one of the renowned advocates of integrity matters in the civil service.

He addresses three types of issues that should govern public workers in a democratic regime. One of these issues is temptation of power. According to this philosopher, leaders should not use their positions for selfish reasons. He argues that leadership entails sacrificing one’s interests for the benefit of the society. Therefore, power gluttony disagrees with democracy, which is the ideal system of governance in the public sector.

The administrative body of government ought to dismiss any civil servant who exhibits greed in terms of authority. Scandals in the private lives of these officers are also a crucial sleaze. Civil servants should understand that both their public and private lives attract the citizens’ scrutiny and criticism. Although they are entitled to a private life, the society has a right to garner any kind of information on their leaders. The media goes to all levels in order to evaluate these officers and easily expose this information. These indignities have destroyed the careers of several public servants hence the need to avoid issues such as substance abuse and illegitimate sexual relations. Nonetheless, officials entangled in such scandals should leave office in order to maintain integrity in the public sector.

Dobel also addresses the lack of prudence in decision-making as one of the sleaze in public office. According to his argument, this aspect is responsible for lack of integrity in this government sector. Civil servants ought to be cautious of the choices they make both inside and outside the work environment. This is because public integrity involves official competence of the officer as well as personal morality. Thus, the decisions made by public officers ought to illustrate accountability. Failure to do so will weaken the moral fiber in the civil service and threaten the democratic system of government in a country.

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