Political Influence of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships

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Last updated: November 1, 2019

Political Influence of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships Name: Course: Date: Political Influence of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships Indeed, different kinds of technology systems are intricately entwined in the conditions of contemporary politics. According to Winner (1980), technologies exemplify social relations. Additionally, two ways have been identified in order to describe the way in which artifacts embody politics. The first way involves illustrating the way in which invention, arrangement or design of artifacts operates to settle community affairs.

This way depicts how the technical development process is so prejudiced such that it regularly creates results that are deemed as brilliant advancements by particular social interests and depressing setbacks by others. The second way involves correlation of artifacts with particular types of political relationships. Winner (1980) distinguishes between two kinds of political artifacts, those that need a specific sociological system and those that are compatible with a specific sociological system. In essence, it is important to acknowledge the influence of technology in directing the society. Through technologies, interpersonal relationships are determined and constructed (Jackson & Gemelli, 2012). Additionally, technology provides considerable political influence that is authoritative.

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Technologies such as atom bombs, nuclear plants and weapons come with various requirements that alter the fabric of society and thus change the institutional relationships once embedded between members of the society. Consequently, acceptance of such technology, which symbolizes authoritative leadership, by society concludes that such a choice or decision will gravely affect members of the society and produce a devastating effect. In conclusion, technology, through its political allure, determines the regulations and laws that are to be followed by every member.

Thus, in accepting technology, society should understand the symbolism of technology to that of a legislative act that affects the framework of interpersonal relationships. References Jackson, D. & Gemelli, M. (2012). Technology and Society: Making Connections Between Social Systems and Interpersonal Relationships. Boston: McGraw Hill.

Winner, L. (1980). Do Artifacts Have Politics? Daedalus, 121-136.

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