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Last updated: August 30, 2019

Political participation is that the citizens take partin the political process by making decision with their own opinions and beliefs(Teorell 2006). It is the fundamental theory and practice of democracy. It isvery impoortant to hear the voice of the citizens, what are their interests andpreferences and what do they need. If people are involved in political discussion and making decision, theywill understand the political and social problems dueto better informing their interests, preferences, and needs with each other. It plays a vital role to get mutual understandingbetween the government and the citizens(Verba 2001).

In this essay, we willgenerally emphasize on the question why do people participate in politics ornot. To understand the attitudes andparticipations of citizens in politics, many researches find the reasons whythey do, or do not participate in politics (Verba et al. 1995). Generally, there are two ways of participation; conventionalparticipation and unconventional participation. The first way is participationin elections and volunteering for a politic al campaign and the second way isinvolvement in demonstrations and protests (SparkNotes 2015). Most ofthe people participate in voting but there are many different ways of citizens’ political participation suchas campaigning, public protests and public consultations (Teorell 2006; Verba2001). However,some people have active participations while the others not depending on their income,personal interest, gender, culture and other factors.

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According to Frey (1971),there was a positive correlation between income and political participation. People with high paying jobparticipate more because they are accustomed to deal with political questionsand they can do more effectively. The citizens with low income are afraidsocial instability (Holzner 2013). Likewise, people who have personal interest in the outcome are moreactive to participate in politics (Irvin and Stansbury 2004).

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