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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Political Theory Introduction There are many different views on leadership. Machiavellian or Ciceronian models of statesmanship are examples of a few of the views.

Both theorists had differing notions as to how a state should be run. These ideals are very important as they bring about the difference in how a state will be run. All over the world, governments have chosen different stands on how to rule their state.

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Though some methods have proved not to be as successful as others are, these two philosophers gave two different examples of democracy. Since society has made many changes, it is also essential that a government settle for a leadership style that best suits its citizens. Most countries have developed at different rates meaning that different leadership styles need to be adopted to govern these countries. This article will look at both of the views and highlight which view will best suit the current society. Niccolo Machiavelli an Italian citizen that played a crucial role in transforming the world of diplomacy. He wrote the book ‘The Prince’ in which he gave his ideals in how a country should be run.

Being that it was a time when the ideals of Monarchies were conventional, Machiavelli promoted this ideal. He laid most emphasis on the ways in which a prince can retain power over his people. He claimed that this can be done through being tough and ensuring that the national security is enhanced. He made it known that for a monarch to be strong a strong army is essential.

Monarchs therefore had to give the best training to its soldiers. He also highlighted the importance of a solid social and political institution. He said that this mostly lied in the hands of the people. His school of thought was beneficial as it showed the importance of morality in a society. He said that a moral society is more successful than one that is not. Marcus Tullius Cicero a Roman philosopher had different ideals than those of Machiavelli. He intended to change the political methodologies of the society.

There were different classes of people during his time. The elite who had more power in the society tended to take advantage of others. He felt that the Roman government was corrupt and incompetent to rule Rome. Their ideals were self-centered and only benefited a few people. He postulated that if this type of rule does not change, the Roman Empire would collapse eventually. The government’s administration would have to change if Rome was to make it to the future as a respected country.

He advised that the elite should change its leadership style so that it becomes fair to all. He advised that public interest should be put first above anything else. He postulated that for a state to be strong and respected, the leaders had to be virtuous. They needed to learn how to put the people’s interest first before the states’. This will ensure that the citizens are happy and will work towards building a greater nation. Different issues that a state might face should be handled with care so that it promotes unity and cohesion among citizens. He felt that a nation that is united is stronger.

The Ciceronian model of leadership is the ideal one in the world today. In many countries, leaders are selfish and do not care about the overall good of the society. Leaders are too busy advancing their own agenda to care about people’s needs. They will only concentrate on solving the problems of few people and not of the society as a whole. This has made some people continue being richer while the bigger part of society languish in poverty. Leaders should embrace the Ciceronian model so that they ensure that they have taken care of everyone in society. They should put aside their personal agenda and concentrate on the good of a nation. If this is, adopted many of the problems facing the world will be solved.

Taxes will not used as a means of making the poor poorer. Instead, the rich will be taxed more so that they can give back more to the society. This model of leadership is ideal to most if not all countries as it takes into consideration all the people in a society. It lets people choose their leaders unlike the Machiavellian model. It ensures that the leaders chosen are virtuous and think of how the make the society better. Through this model, diplomacy is enhanced with more power given to the people unlike Machiavelli model. Leaders should portray principles of decisiveness that will enable a country to grow and not to be destroyed. The world needs more leaders that are virtuous and will think of their citizen first before their own personal needs.

The monarchy government would not promote growth, as the state would only concentrate on making itself richer. This is not what its citizens need or require. Conclusion The political realities of Modern Western democracies do not require a dictatorship government. It requires a state that thinks of the overall good of a nation first before its personal interest. The Ciceronian model is therefore the most ideal in the world today. If it is implemented well it will make countries grow and prosper. It will ensure that countries have access to the best resources available to it, as people will be working together.

Once the society has ensured that, the people’s needs have been fulfilled then they can concentrate on building a better nation. Ciceronian model was therefore a good model that highlighted ideals that would work not only at that time but also for generations to come.

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