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“A a controversial topic across the world. There

“A net for catching sharks.” (Collins EnglishDictionary, 2012). The effectiveness of shark nets is a controversial topic acrossthe world. There are many parties that are either for or against the use ofshark nets and there are many contributing factors that really drive eachargument against and for the use of the shark nets. In NSW 1937 politiciansfirst began the use of shark nets in the event of a possible shark attackduring

Internet Society”. It creates a chance concerning direct

Internet of Things means that web working of physical devices that are embedded with electronic, software, sensors, actuators that build the info transfer attainable. In 2013, he international Standards of Initiative on IOT outlined web of Things as “The Infrastructure of the data Society”. It creates a chance concerning direct interaction of physical world with system world and in result its potency, accuracy helps in reducing human invention. Environmental observation

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