Tone in Poetry terms

persona (plural personae) the speaking voice in a poem, as distinguished from the poet’s own voice. The term is most useful when the speaker is clearly not the poet, as in “My Last Duchess,” where Robert Browning assumes the persona of a murderous duke in Renaissance Italy. voice a term often used vaguely, but useful to describe the speaking voice in a poem that uses no persona. Voice can refer

Reichstag Fire

Source A shows the Reichstag on fire on the morning of 28th February. The morning after the fire was spotted. I think that if the fire has been burning all night this must have been a big fire. I think this because in the text it says “the morning of the 28th of February” and knowing that the fire was set the night before. This quote proves my point because

Anti-Semitism in Germany before and after 1933

1. For what problems were the Jews treated as scapegoats by the Nazi Party in 1929 – 33?The Nazi Party treated the Jews as scapegoats for anything unfortunate that had happened involving Germany in the years after the outbreak of the First World War. Hitler accused the Jews of undermining the war effort, and attempting to ruin the war effort – really saying they did not show enough patriotism to

Why the US withdrew its forces from the Vietnam War in 1973

In the early 1960s, the American president, John F. Kennedy pledged financial and military aid to the struggling South Vietnam. As political unrest grew the support from a war in North Vietnam grew and 1963, and with John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, President Johnson felt that, to keep in with the U. S. foreign policy of containment, he would have to send a vast amount of young soldiers into Vietnam

Police misconduct

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Police misconduct Police misconduct refers to unacceptable conduct from police officers in their line of duty. Police misconduct could occur in many ways like assaulting civilians, corruption, off-duty misconduct or obstructing justice. Police officers are required to maintain law and order in the states. If they become undisciplined, civilians will be vulnerable and have no one to protect them. In 2005, a study was carried out

Origins of American Criminal Law

Origins of American Criminal Law Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date: Origins of American Criminal Law Question 1 The selected constitution amendment is the fourth amendment. The text states that people are entitled to safety. This includes when they are in their homes and no one is allowed to search them without a search warrant. The search warrant will be given if there is a reasonable purpose and it has to

The 1983 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Nicaragua

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The 1983 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Nicaragua In the year 1983, Pope John Paul made a historical, pastoral visit to Nicaragua in Central America during one of his visits in Central America. This visit was significant because it happened during the Contra War when the country was polarized between the various religious groupings. These groupings were either catholic or populists sections of the

“Women average 80 cents to every dollar made

 “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.. . It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” —Ruth Bader Ginsburg2017 was a major year in the fight for women’s empowerment and equality.  From Hollywood to the White House, how women are perceived and treated at home and at work has begun to change.  Gone are the days of Weinstein’s casting couch and Lauer’s inappropriate workplace behaviors, but there

Americans who say racism in society has increased

Americans who say racism in societyhas increased eight percent in the last two years and has roughly doubled since2011. Questions would fill my brain if I had the chance asking a state orfederal legislator about today’s racism issues. The areas would include:workplace issues, numbers in fatality, and immigrant problems. First, imagine your superior at workhires and promotes people of the same race on a consistent basis, and/ordisciplines works of another

Magna for his safety. This is stating that

Magna Carta means The Great Charter it was a peace treaty ending revolution against an English king. A copy of the Magna Carta’s first appearance was part of the Lord Mayor’s Show which parade. Magna Carta states how the government should treat its people. Also The Declaration of Independence states how the government should treat its people. Finally they will compare and contrast to see if they are similar in

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