Pollution in Pakistan

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Last updated: October 20, 2020

The amount of air pollution in Pakistanis major cities like Lahore and Karachi is 20 times higher than the World Health Organization standards. There are layers of smog, dust and smoke that exist over Karachi. There is also a prominent smell of gasoline that infiltrates air. Islamabad which is the capital city of Pakistan is known to be covered with thick layer smog that actually keeps hidden the view of Marginal hills. So pollution is very prominent and exists to a threatening level in Pakistan. It comes from cars, factories and other such sources and Pakistanis are daily reheating polluted air.

It is unfortunate that only a couple of people actually are aware of the depth of its effects on their and their children’s health. Pollution is known to cause coughing, sore throats and nasal discharge. In extreme cases it can also lead to asthma, tumors, lung damage and death. The first step to avoid pollution is to educate Pakistanis about pollution, its description, its causes, its effects and ways to control it. Now ways to control pollution is to firstly read up all you can about pollution, he internet is a great source of information.There are many environmental organizations as well that have informative websites on ecology and pollution. Try and find as much as you can online and search for articles that explain pollution in a straightforward manner. Those organizations that are not on the web try and find out if they have pamphlets about pollution and its effects and what citizens can do about it.

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After gathering all the information and compiling it, try and get it translated in Urdu, make sure there are no upright issues.Try and get a professional translator if you can. The next step is printing; this would require some funding, if funding is too expensive then try and get donations. Afterwards distribute the work amongst family and friends, give it to a couple of newspapers, so it can be published and could benefit the masses. Also in order to help schools teach about pollution, you could visit these schools see how children are taught and provide teachers with your work to help them have better material.Another way to help IS by writing or developing articles to give to the visitors coming into Pakistan, the topic of these articles would be how a visitor to the country can keep him or herself healthy from the effects of pollution when he visits. Creating a website about pollution is also another magnificent way to educate others about the topic.

It will be of use to Pakistanis all around the globe, it even may encourage others to do something about pollution and fight it.The website could also comprise Of translated pamphlets, information about what people can do about pollution in Pakistan and other such information. You can also include links to other sites that talk about that topic. Then last step is trying to reach those organizations in Pakistan that are known to be number one polluters. Start a campaign in newspapers and on your websites which tries and makes them accountable for their acts. By exposing them you could motivate them to take up certain measures.

But make sure you also take steps to appreciate the industries that are making an effort to keep the environment clean.

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