Positive effects of video games on children

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Last updated: August 16, 2019

Positive effects of video games on children BY aysha9876 The video games are well known for their anti-social and violent influence in our children’s attitudes.

But some research has proven that these negative effects are due to the children’s excessive playing time, and more and more studies are being made to prove that the video games can be an excellent tool for children’s hand-eye coordination, their problem solving and analytical skills, and they can also help children in the social domain. We can see some really good positive effects of video games on our children. The first one would be the improvement of the hand-eye coordination.A player has to watch on the screen while simultaneously, he is pushing the button of his Joystick to make moves. It also increases the speed, the agility of a person to respond to a stimulus, and moreover, it helps to improve the motor capacity of a person. We can specially illustrate this idea with the console Wii, which has been released and built a couple of years ago by the brand Nintendo.

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With its new gaming system, the Wii has revolutionned the world of the video games. Before the Wii came out, the gaming system consisted only of pushing on a couple of buttons in order to make the moves in the game.But the concept of the Wii is different, it consists of producing our own movement with the remote of the Wii in order to make the moves in the game. It has the persons who suffer from some kind of cardiac accidents, cerebral accidents, or Just to re- educate the people who had an operation.

Another impressive positive effect of the video games is that they allow somehow, the children to improve their problem-solving, management, analytical and additional skills without children even realizing it. The need for these skills are obvious for a player because sometimes, even the most simple game ( like a shooter game )

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