postmodernism. beat poetry.

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Last updated: December 5, 2019
irony/playfulness/black humor
making fun of something that usually isn’t appropriate to make fun of

remake a story with different elements

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imitation of previous artist

a story within a story

excessive elaboration allowing little room for exaggeration

simplest elements used to create maximum effect

temporal distortion
time travel that jumps around

story exaggerated to the point of fantasy

novel that blurs reality and fiction.

no idea what’s real and what’s fake

historiographic metafiction
putting a historical person in a place that isn’t logical

magical realism
real life with magic as a part of it


absolute blur between reality and fiction

immense fear of something

dream like. fiction vs reality.

postmodernism themes
idealism, constructivism, relativism, pluralism, skepticism to approach knowledge and understanding.

opposes m vs fem. straight vs gay. white vs black. imperial vs colonial.

women beat poets
men wrote women as lame and boring. women poets didnt get published. confessional poetry

confessional poetry
intimate autobiography. grotesque but still poetry.

retro wife
women that want to be a 50’s housewife but also want a job

allen ginsberg
leading beat figure. wrote America. drugs. based poetry off whitman. opposed militarism, materialism, sexual represseion

1950s family
nuclear and constructed.

everyone had a job.

1950s was characterized by

beat poetry originated in
NY and san fran post WWII

beat poets characterized by
non conformity. counter culture. spontaneous. drugs. sex.

liberals. bohemian

jack keroac
leading beat poet. buddhism, spirituality (not religious), jazz, drugs, sex, travel.

william burroughs
semi-biographical works. heroin addict. accidently killed wife in a game of apple on head.

ginsberg poetry characteristics
sexual religious racial gender liberation.

censorship drug use liberation.

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