Poverty to look for a job to earn money

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Last updated: December 18, 2019

Poverty in Austria    Austria is marked by unequal distribution of wealth and property. 14.4% of Austrian people were in poverty.according to the EU Social Report 2012 statistics,  1.

2 million people were at risk of poverty. My goal is to show day to day life of poor, reasons and solutions for poverty in Austria.    Poor people usually start their day with a poor breakfast and go to look for a job to earn money for their families. Poor kids usually skip a meal due to extreme poverty. Most kids don’t go to school as their parents can’t afford tuitions and other school ‘s expenses. When you go around a poor area, you would see skinny kids playing around with bare foot and worn clothes.

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    There are many reasons for poverty in Austria. First of all, Lack of Education is the main cause as uneducated people can’t find suitable jobs. As a result, they end up in poor situation. Second, a large number of immigrants came to Austria escaping from war or looking for a better life. There, they didn’t find any support from the Austrian government and stayed in the country hoping to get some help. A third reason for poverty is the high rate of unemployment.

This could lead to a poor society as higher payment made by the government which will weaken the financial state of the country. Lastly, a high percent of single parents could lead to poor family status.     On the other hand, there are several ways to reduce poverty in Austria. For a example, people can go back to farming to produce their own food and do some farming business.

Moreover, education is the key to improve life especially educating women according to beadforlife organization. This lead to an efficient generation. In addition, the government plays an important role in helping by providing  its people with good health services and setting programmes to eliminate poverty like setting workshops to teach the poor skills that help them improve their situations.At the end, poverty is a problem in  Austria. Many reasons lead to poverty. On the other hand, many solution can be made to reduce it.

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