Practical Production Brief

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Last updated: April 5, 2019

The genre of film that our group is going to be incorporated with is horror.

With this type of genre, there are certain conventions that fit into it. To make this seem like a traditional horror genre, we must follow some of these conventions for it to be recognised as a horror.As this particular film is to be rated 15, the target audience for this film is going to be young adults.

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The primary target audience will be of ages of around 15-20 year old males. It would be said to be male as it is stereotypical that males would rather watch horror movies than females.The characters in the film are very important, as they have to assimilate with the whole scene of the film. According to research (from looking at other films), the main victims in horror films tend to be females. This is as females are supposedly weak, powerless and defend less. The attacker is usually a male, as they would seem to be stronger and more dominant. The identity of the attacker is usually hidden and this is usually done with the aid of props.

For example, in ‘ Scream’, the killer had the black cloak and the infamous white mask. The identity of the attacker is never revealed till probably the end, this is so that a suspenseful atmosphere builds up making it more interesting, which would keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Another convention in films is implements that are used in horror films. These vary from knives to shovels.

Shots involving implements are done with the implements right close up to the victim.Music is very important in horror films. If a film was to be watched with the sound muted, the film would not seem half as scary as it would with the original music. To build up an atmosphere, the music is quieted down and is mellow and when something or someone gets scared in the film itself, the music is more dramatic making the audience jump. In the scary parts of a film, there tends to be not much dialogue but just the acting. Another convention definitely associated with horror films is screams from the victim.

The music would be added after the filing has taken place when the stages of editing are under way.The film is set to take place in a house, primarily in the living room and kitchen. It will be shown as to be quite a large house as this can make the film seem scarier as it is such a large house with just one person in it. This will show the feeling of loneliness. The film will be set in the early hours of the morning. This will be shown by in one of the shots of the watch being looked at.In the practical production, I will be doing the camera shooting+. The activities involved are being split up between the group.

I will have to make sure that each shot gives the clear message of what is going on and make sure the shots are perfect in the sense that there are no problems with the quality of the shot.

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