Prentice Hall Literature Grade 9: Unit 2 Big Question Vocabulary

Topic: War
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Last updated: May 9, 2019
Appreciate (verb)
1) Be aware of the value of something; realize;2) to understand how serious or important a situation or problem is or what someone’s feelings are

argument (noun)
Disagreement; dispute; a situation where two or more people disagree

articulate (verb)
Express your ideas clearly with words

compete (verb)
To try to win against someone or something;

competition (noun)
Contest or match; an organized event where people compete against each other or something in order to win

controversy (noun)
Disagreement, often public

amicably (adverb)
In a friendly way or manner

antagonize (verb)
to annoy someone very much by doing something that they do not like

cooperate (verb)
To work together to achieve a goal

differences (noun)
Disputes; a way in which two or more people or things are not like each other

equity (noun)
where are people are being treated equally and no one has an unfair advantage

grievance (noun)
A belief that you have been treated unfairly, or an unfair situation or event that affects and upsets you

issue (noun)
Subject for debate or discussion; especially a social or political matter that affects the interests of a lot of people

mediate (verb)
to try to end a disagreement

survival (noun)
The state of continuing to exist

war/battle (noun)
An armed conflict

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