Prentice Hall Literature Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes Unit 1 Part 2 Focus on Literary Forms: Narrative Accounts

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Christopher Columbus Death/Birth
1451- age 54

Columbus sailed Azores and Canary Islands
Between 1480-1482

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Columbus’ first Voyage to get funded.


King John II of Portugal said no. Other European rulers said no. Queen Isabella of Spain said yes.

Columbus/Queen Isabella Terms
Favorable termsAlso, he could rule any lands he conqueredHe was entitled to 10% of all wealth from those lands.

Columbus set sail first voyage.


Set sail August 3, 1492 from Palos, small port in southwestern Spain.3 ships-Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Columbus’ Instruments
He knew how to measure latitude by using North Star. He had no other instruments except Compass and Hourglass.

Columbus First Island
October 12, 1492 reached island of Bahama which he thought was India. He named this island san Salvador.

Columbus in 1502
Set sail from Cadiz, Spain traveling to: Martinique, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Jamaica,

Columbus returned to and why?
Suffering from exhaustion and malaria he returned to Spain 1504. Some say he was broke and others say he was very wealthy.

Individual’s day-by-day account of events. Reveals as much of about the writer as it does about the events.

Author’s point of view.

Very beautiful; delicate

Something causing pain or suffering

Signs; things that point out or signify

A great supply; more than enough

Latin Root “-flict”
To strike

Action Verbs
Express physical or mental action.Example: Anchored, found, saw

Linking verbs
Express a state of being. They are then followed by a noun or pronoun that renames the subject or by an adjective that describes it. Example: be, become, look

Action Verbs Example
“We arrived at a cape off the island.””The island exceeds the others in beauty.” Action Verbs: “Arrived” and “Exceeds”.

Linking Verbs Examples
“Groves of trees are abundant.” “Everything looked green.”Linking Verbs: “Are” and “Looked”.

John Smith Birth/Death

John Smith “Key Words”
Adventurer, poet, mapmaker and egotist.

Most famous explorer for leading the 1st successful English colony.

John Smith’s First Colony
1607 landed in Virginia founded “Jamestown”. President of colony 1608-1609.

William Bradford Birth/Death

William Bradford 13 yrs after Jamestown…
Bradford led Pilgrims to Massachusetts.Joined Puritans thought Church of England was corrupt.Puritans made it to Holland and then set sail.

William Bradford Leadership
He was the 2nd colony leader and was reelected 30 times.

Narrative Accounts
Tell the story of real-life events.

Firsthand Accounts
Written by people who lived through significant historic events.

Secondhand Accounts
written by people who researched the events but did NOT experience them.

Breaking Down Sentences
Separate essential parts “Who” and “What”.


Large, pointed stakes set in the ground to form a fence used for defense.

Strange or fanciful ideas.

Soothed; calmed


Reluctant, unwilling

Various: different

Reward; repayment

Latin Word “Periculum”

Words end in -ify, to change to past tense
Change “-ify” and add “-ed”,

“Possessive” forms of nouns indicate…
Kinship and ownership

Possessive Singular Nouns
Add apostrophe and “S”.

Possessive Plural Nouns
If word ends with “-s” or “-es” add an apostrophe.

Possessive Singular Noun Example
“The passenger’s spirits were low”.

Possessive Plural Noun Example
“The passengers’ spirits were low.”

Words that have opposite meanings.

Words that have similar meanings.

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