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Last updated: August 22, 2019

Preparation Tips for General Knowledge in one weekThe General Awareness section for any exam can be very scoring if you tackle it wisely.

There are many sections while writing the examination which need a lot of calculation but the general awareness section doesn’t require any calculations and it is the least time-consuming section in the examination. You can attempt this section very quickly and accurately (accuracy means the chances of getting an answer right). So, we will start the topic by understanding what type of topics and questions you can expect while studying for General knowledge.How general knowledge can improve your score in examsCandidates now a days are neglecting the general knowledge section in exams and concentrating more on Quant, Reasoning and so on.

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But scoring in general knowledge section is easier compared to other sections in examination. Read the below one and get to know how general knowledge can improve your marks in examinationGetting more marks in less timeThis general knowledge section doesn’t require any calculations compared to other sections in the examination. If you prepare more on latest current affairs updates and other important things you can score better in this section compared to other sections.Less probability of getting negative marksNow a days many examinations are having negative marks. While attempting other sections in the examination, there is a lot of probability of getting negative marks. The section where there is less probability of getting negative marks in General knowledge section.

You don’t need any calculations and any other stuff doing things for this section, you must just have a good knowledge on trending current affairs updates.Analysis of General knowledge in examinationsPreviously there was no section on general knowledge in competitive exams. But now a days every board is keeping a section on general knowledge. There are not only adding section in examination but giving more marks weightage to this section. As per our analysis the general knowledge in examination has 30% of weightage compared to previous 5 years. If you are thinking how to prepare for general knowledge in less time then read and follow the tips which are given below.Have a preplan of what you want to studyGeneral knowledge is one section where it consumes more time to study. So pre plan your time and study it.

Having no preplan and studying current affairs will ruin your time and you cant focus on other sections.Read Newspaper regularlyIt will be difficult for most of the people to read the newspaper daily. But if you want to score well in competitive exams then you have to start reading the newspaper daily. Have a brief read of the daily newspaper from staring to end. While reading newspaper doesn’t miss any contemporary news such as political crisis, any schemes, any bills that passed in parliament and appointments of various ministers. A suggestion is that don’t read too many newspapers. Follow a particular newspaper like Hindu, Times of India etc.

Follow news channels You need to follow the news channel daily. Give yourself a specific time and follow a news channel. My best suggestion is to follow NDTV news.

Try to go through the breaking and highlighted news in those news channels and make a note of it.Use of Internet Sources The best way to learn current affairs is the use of internet sources. You can get a lot of information about daily current affairs updates through Google, YouTube and Wikipedia. There are many blogs on current affairs on the internet which will help you in providing more information.Know after reading above article you get a doubt what topics should I cover while reading general knowledge for competitive exams. Read the below one and get to know the important topics that you should focus in general knowledge to get good marks.Important topics to cover in General knowledgePolityPolity is a kind of political entity. It covers all the topics of government like politics, constitution and various others.

HistoryYou may start by reading 6 to 10th standard textbooks to gain more knowledge on History. You get a lot of books online where you can prepare general knowledge history of competitive exams. By reading history you can gain more knowledge which will be helpful while attempting general knowledge section in competitive exams.Geography:For studying geography, I will suggest you read NERCT text books from class 6 to 10 and various geography books of 11th and 12th standard.

Science and TechnologyRead daily current affairs on internet and newspapers for improving your knowledge on Science and Technology. For reference read 6 to 10th standard books.Economy:Have a good knowledge on this section. Good knowledge on general knowledge economy section will help you a lot in scoring better in competitive exams.Other general knowledgeHave good knowledge on sports, obituary, appointments and latest trends that are taking place in the country and world. 

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