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Last updated: August 4, 2020

The originative work the best illustrates the manner I see the universe and the manner I see myself in the universe is the Charles Dicken’s novel.

Great Expectations. Basically. the fresh revolves around a male child named Philip Pirip or “Pip. ” and his many battles to accomplish his ends. Pip’s chief end is to go a affluent gentleman someday in order to get married the adult female of his dreams.

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Estella. which he accomplished in the novel. However. in order to accomplish his end. Pip had to travel overcome a batch of obstructions and face a batch of hardships.In the narrative. it was shown that Pip was a really generous and kindhearted immature adult male. However.

the best and perchance the worst aspect about him is his overly-ambitious attitude. Although Pip’s good-natured personality and pure artlessness enabled him to carry through his dream of going a affluent gentleman. he realized that his place in society is the non the most of import facet about any individual. In the terminal. although he lost his wealth. he was able to get married Estella. and live a happy life.

In this respect. the novel shows my belief that while anything can be achieved if one works hard for it. it besides of import to cognize one’s topographic point in the universe and remain low. In other words. like in the novel.

I believe that in this universe. it is more of import for me to possess moral values and be happy and content with my life than merely be rich.Furthermore. the narrative besides shared my belief that it is every bit of import to non anticipate excessively much from anything.

which is what Pip failed to make. as you may stop up defeated. More significantly. nevertheless. the novel besides corresponds with my perceptual experience which is to ne’er be excessively ambitious on anything in this universe as it may misdirect one’s life.

Furthermore. the narrative besides showed how I see myself in the universe. Like Pip. I believe that I am besides a good natured and kindhearted individual who can accomplish anything if I work hard for it. However. I must ever retrieve non to perpetrate the same mistake the Pip did.

which is to go overly-ambitious. in order for me to make my dreams.Presidential Scholars essay: The instructor who has influenced me the mostIn school. the individual who made the most impact on my life was my Italian instructor. Mrs. Elliott.

Basically. Mrs. Elliott has non merely sparked my involvement in the Italian linguistic communication and other linguistic communications. but she has taught me and my fellow pupils the value of puting in cognition. which she believes would greatly assist us in our hereafter callings. She is besides a extremely competent instructor who ever makes certain that we learn new things after each of our categories with her.She has besides shared with us a batch of information about the Italian civilization and life style. among others.

Although she is a spot demanding in her categories. I know that she merely wants us to larn and turn. However. what I like best about Mrs. Elliott is her firm passion for learning. She ever teaches enthusiastically and thirstily. which is why all the pupils listen attentively and ne’er acquire bored in her category.Furthermore.

she is besides a really accessible individual outside the schoolroom. Students would ne’er waver to travel to her when they have concerns about anything. Whether it’s about school or household. Mrs.

Elliott would ever be at that place to steer us and give us advice.Furthermore. she has besides taught us valuable lessons and values in life such as forbearance. apprehension. unity. honestness. committedness. and dedication.

which we would wholly be able to use throughout the remainder of our lives. She besides told us to ever retrieve the lessons we learned so we could go through them on to our hereafter kidsIn short. Mrs. Elliot has non merely imparted to us the necessary cognition that we would necessitate as we seek higher instruction. but she has besides taught us valuable lessons that can non merely be learned in a schoolroom. No uncertainty.

she is one of the people whom I would ne’er bury and whom I would ever honour for the remainder of my life

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