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Last updated: March 21, 2019

Printeris An Effective ProductPrinter hasbeen popular internationally because many people in many countries use theprinter. Printer is the most significant product that people use it to printpapers. Before, people type words and print the paper. If they do mistakes,they can’t correct it. They had to type again. For example, if they write morethan one page, if they are in page 2, and do mistakes, they have to restartover. They didn’t have a word document where they type the words and delete theerrors. They even dint have a tool to copy and paste.

They had to write theletters without seeing the letters. They had to type until they finish theletter, and then they will see what they typed. They didn’t have a screen tosee the errors or the words that they have been typed. Printer was used in many business people, such as the writer,doctor, and even to communicate with others in different country. According to Marketwired, says that, “The print-media capabilities of the Pro Series printersalso give businesses real flexibility for meeting end-users’ requirements”(n.p).

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Doctors in India use the printer. According to Indian-Origin DoctorReconstructs Jaw Using 3D Printer., states that “The software requiredto make full use of the 150,000-pound 3D printer to make his task even moreefficient, including designing and manufacturing the surgical tools andperforming the surgery” (1). Owners trade off some products from othercountries because the product there is cheaper. For example, they order cars,clothes, and old TV from China, they use the printer to type the letter andsend it to the seller who were in china. Before it was rare to see students usethe printer. We can say that the printer was used before latterly.

Printer is auseful product to have.The schools usethe printer to print the assignments, tests, homework, and prompt. People todayuse the printer more comparing to the past. Today, the students use theprinter.

The students such as, in High School, colleges, and in universities,they use the printer a lot. They use the printer to type their homework. Theyuse Microsoft to type the words into the word document. They can erase theerrors, and it is easy for the students to type the essays there because theycan see the errors and the Microsoft correct the errors. Most of teachersprefer printed papers rather than hand written assignments because someteachers can’t understand what the student wrote. For example, when I do thehomework, I write it on word document, and I printed and give it to my teacher.

Some teachers will say do the homework on Microsoft document and printed and bringit to class. If teacher isn’t able to read the hand written homework, he or shewill put a lower grade, and some teacher would put zero because the handwritten are not clear or understandable. For instance, last semester, I got a”D” in the journal because I did the homework with hand written, sothe teacher wasn’t able to read my homework, so she made a comment that states,”It is too hard for me to read your homework.”  Teachers use the printer to print the copy ofsyllabus, prompt, study guide, quizzes and exams for the students. Even forstudents, it is much better when they have assignments, quizzes, or the promptprinted paper. I had a problem in Iraq, my teachers didn’t use the printer atall, so they use their hand writing, I was failing the exams because I barelycan read the questions.

In the article, JKOA launches 3D printers,reports that, “XYZ printing 3D printers are great in catering to thefollowing sectors: Education, for use with science projects, or arts andcrafts; Medical, utilized for casts and prototyping bones, teeth, etc.;Engineering, when used in custom making parts for new inventions; Construction,for prototyping buildings, houses and apartments, to show customers prior tocompletion; and even in the creation of Jewelry” (n.p). Printer is themost helpful product to use in schools.

Printer is usedin many business to print the papers and copy the papers. People who work incar companies, they use the printer to print the papers to the buyers, to showthem how much money they have to pay for leasing or buying the cars. Theinstruction on papers is to make the consumers to be aware of what to do. Allthe information of the car, such as characteristic, which models, and etc.

..  Are in the paper. People who work stores usethe printer to print the papers that show the prize of the products, so theyprint the papers and mail it to people or they put it inside the store.

Businesspeople who tend to make the consumers want to buy the product, printed paper iseffective, and so it will attract buyers’ attention. For example, many stores,put discount on their product, so they print the paper that shows the discounton it. Printer is also used post offices.  People, who work in the post offices, printthe papers and mail them to people. Electrical bills, phone’s bills, waterbills, payment bills, and etc.

..  Areprinted paper, so they mailed to people through mail box. People who work inWelfare offices, they print the copy of the forms, so people with low incomefill the forms. The forms are for filing information and to prove that personwho gets cash aide, EBT, and medical is considered a low income.

The welfaremail the forms though mail box. People who work in baby sitter, they print the forms,and the people who want to get the benefit, and they have to fill the forms.People who work in HHSI, they send the printed documentation to person withdisabilities, so he or she can receive the HHSI. The forms must be printed.People who are in social work, for those who apply for care giver, the socialworker has to come home and see how is the patient is doing, so he has toreport what he or she saw.

Based on that, he or she will decide how many hoursthe care giver deserves to get. For example, two weeks ago, I applied for caregiver, I went to orientation, they gave me printed forms to fill out, and soafter that they gave a printed paper that proves that I attend the orientation.After that, the social worker comes home to see me and the person who I am hiscaregiver, so the social worker gave me printed forms to sign in. The doctorsuse the printer to print the date and time of the appointment.

My father, has acardiovascular doctor, is doctor print the appointment. When my father past sixmonths, my father sign new printed forms, and when he did open heart surgery,he signed papers to allow the doctor to do the surgery. Another doctor who isthe specialist in bones, my father had a surgery on his legs to open the veinsfor blood circulation, my father signed many printed paper work. Also if myfather has an appointment, the doctor mailed the printed paper of theappointment. Printer is the most significant product to use in many businesses.Printer hasbeen developing over time.

According to, states that “Pro6410 NeonColor.”Professional A4 device that prints neon colors for garment and productdecoration, Pro9542dn – 5-colour station A3+ graphic arts multimedia platformwith White spot color capability for printing on darker media, thus offeringoutstanding print quality, higher print speeds, lower total cost of productionplus complete media flexibility.” According to HP unveils Sprocketphoto printer, reports that “HP Sprocket App, is free on iOS andAndroid, and allows users to altertheir most loved cell phone and online networking photographs with vivid edges,content, stickers, channels and the sky is the limit from there, including thatit breathes life into most loved recollections with energetic 5 x 7.6 cm smirchconfirmation, water-safe and tear-safe photographs to share, or peel-and-stickto beautify room dividers, rucksacks or make arrangements and craftsmanshipventures (n.

p). This is significant because it shows that the HP printerhas the access to print images from the smart phones. It also used to designthe photos.  Business people are workingto developing the printer. In the article, HP completes purchase ofSamsung’s printer biz., reports that, ‘The combination with Samsung expandsHP’s portfolio, accelerates its ability to disrupt the $55B A3 copier segmentwith superior multifunction printing technology, and strengthens its leading A4laser printing business” (n.

p). In the article, JKOA launches 3D printers,reports that “3D printer ownership by providing an easy-to-use device thatdelivers an outstanding user experience, via a computer or a smart device”(n.p). This is significant because it has the access for smart phones to printthe photos or documents. In fact, printer has been improving over the time. The printercomes in different sizes, colors, and qualities. Some printers are in smallsizes.

Printers that are in small sizes are been used in home and in offices,but the big printers are used in schools for students to print the papers ortheir project. The styles come like HP and Samsung. Both brands work well. Theprinters come in small and big sizes, it has black and white colors, and thereare Samsung and HP printers.The printer isnot costly if people buy it online. The Samsung printer in eBay website costs$48 include the shipping.

The qualities are “Samsung ML-3712ND USBWorkgroup Laser Printer USB Power Cord Page count 2552!!”  The HP printer in eBay costs 29.99 includesfree shipping with qualities that is “HP – DeskJet 1112 Printer – White”(n.p). In Best Buy store, “HP DeskJet 3637 Wireless All-in-One Printer:Discover the power of perfect prints with this HP all-in-one printer. Itgives you a chance to print from an assortment of gadgets, includingspecifically from cell phones, and you can duplicate and sweep records too.

Effortlessly set up systems administration and remote settings so you canutilize this HP across the board printer wherever you are in the workplace. Thisshows that the printer in eBay website or in Best Buy store is not expensive,and it has convenient price; plus it is such a development product with high qualities.In conclusion, printerhas many benefits because it is used in schools, business, and even in smalloffices. Students and teachers use the printer to print papers. It is significantto have a printer in schools because most of teachers prefer printing papersinstead of hand written.

In businesses, it is used to design papers and toprint papers. It has been improving over the time. It comes in different intobrand, size, and colors. It is not that much expensive especially if people buyit online. It can print from the computer or smart phones because it isdeveloping over the time, it has the accesses to print from smart phones. In myopinion, the printer will become the most expensive product because in schoolsand everywhere is used, and it is considered the most significant product tohave whether in schools or in businesses.


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