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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Product principle:It increases the cooling system efficiency and reduces operating expenses by replacing a percentage of mechanical energy required to power a compressor (saving electricity) with modulated solar thermal energy. Product design:The hot gas discharge line from the compressor is connected to the top inlet of a Smart Solar Panel. Heat and pressure are added to the refrigerant, generated by the sun and the heated/pressurized refrigerant is returned from the panel outlet to the HVAC unit’s condenser. By adding heat/pressure to the refrigerant by this method, compressor’s energy consumption can be reduced by up to 40%. This solar thermal system displaces a portion of the mechanical energy used by variable capacity, multi-stage, and variable speed compressors, which keeps the compressor in low stage, low range or low capacity, while delivering full and part-load cooling requirements. This effect creates significant energy savings.

Design of Solar Thermal Panel: It is a patented computer-controlled parabolic concentrator which produces more energy than any other panel of the same size. This technology has solved two major issues with solar thermal panels: degradation and stagnation. Solar Thermal Panels currently in use, cannot regulate the amount of heat being added to the working fluid. When systems are not in use they can cause extreme heat buildup and even damage the coatings of an evacuated tube panel. When integrated with HVAC equipment this could cause severe damage to the refrigerant which may cause the compressor to fail.

 It includes a plurality of elongated parabolic reflectors mounted within a glass-topped enclosure for pivotal movement such that each reflector is incrementally pivoted throughout the course of a day to remain substantially perpendicular to the sun. The incremental pivotal movement is caused by a motor energized from a solar switch having solar cells that also pivot throughout the day so that in one position of the switch, no electricity is being generated and transferred to the motor, but in a second position, the switch receives solar radiation and energizes the motor to again incrementally pivot each reflector along with the solar switch. The reflectors are therefore incrementally pivoted throughout the course of a day to follow the sun for optimal collection of solar radiation which is used to heat liquid carried by tubes positioned at the axis of generation of the parabolic reflectors and/or strips of solar cell material so that electricity can be generated alone, liquid heated alone, or liquid heated and electricity generated simultaneously. 

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