Product which is free delivery as well as

Product JD Sportsproducts:The products that JD sports sell are both for women, men andchildren. They sell clothing such as tracksuits, sportswear, t-shirts, jumpersand also shoes, they have lots of different types of brands which they sellthrough the company e.g.

Nike and Adidas. Screenshots:              ITunesProducts:ITunes is sound from one of the biggest company world windwhich is Apple and its for all ages and genders. It is only sold through if youhave an apple device you can’t buy it if you have an android. ITunes is wherepeople can buy music, films, music videos and TV shows to be able to watchthrough any apple device you have.  https://www.

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Get custom paper Screenshots: Similaritiesand differences:They both sell their products to any gender or age, butITunes products are on electronics and are there for music, films and TV showswhere as JD sports is all clothing and sports type where. They both are veryknown wide world brands which if you said to someone do you know theywould.    PlaceJD Sports –Delivery & tracking online, getting the product to the customer:With JD sports you are able to order online and able totrack your order through them letting you know or checking on the website andfollowing the tracking device or they sell their products in shops so customerscould buy it directly from the shop and not have to wait for it. They also doclick and collect where you are able to pick it up from the store which is freedelivery as well as if you do normal delivery which takes 5-10 working days tocome to your home.

uk/Screenshots:       ITunes – Delivery& tracking online, getting the product to the customer:ITunes is where you don’t get it delivered you get theproduct there and then.  You have an appwhich is on your apple device as soon as you load it up and you can’t get ridof the app as it is permanently on your device, then you are able to buy thesong or film whatever you like through card details or free gift cards youcould buy for yourself or get a present. Then the song or whatever you havebrought downloads onto your phone and you are able to listen or watch what youbrought forever on your device. Screenshots:       Similaritiesand differences (M1):They are both very different in this way because ITunes onceyou have paid for your product it starts to download straight away and you areable to get it in less than 5 minutes but with JD Sports you have to order andwait up to a least 3 working days for the products you have brought to come andyou are able to give the products back by sending it or by store but withITunes once you have brought it that is it its yours.

The only way I can seethey are similar is that you can see when your product will be downloaded orderived to you.  Applications(Apps)JD Sports:JD Sports have apps which anyone with either an apple deviceor Samsung are able to download the app for free and it is exactly like thewebsite so you are able to shop, look at all the new products in and orderanything you want to buy. It has all the same features as the website would soyou are just able to access much easier on your phone. On the app you are ableto shop for the clothes or shoes you want and you are able to share the app topeople on social media.          https://www.jdsports.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Screenshots:            ITunes:ITunes is just an app exclusive to apple devices, it isalways on any apple device and you can’t get rid of the app like you can if youjust download on from the apple store. You are able to buy all the songs,films, TV shows and more and it will download straight into your device. Onthis app you are able to listen to first 30 seconds of music to see if you wantto buy that one, see the charts of most popular music, films or music videos.https://www.  Screenshots:         Similaritiesand differences:They are both are free apps so you don’t have to pay forhaving the app, but ITunes is just for apple devices only whereas JD Sports asits app open for anyone with any device so they can get more customers. Theyboth let you access the same as you could on their website and have the samefeatures also you are allowed to buy their products on their apps.  PaymentmethodJD Sports -payment methodIn JD Sports you are allowed to make any payment method youwould like when in store so for example cash, card and gift card, but if youare placing an order on the website or on the JD Sports app you are unable topay through cash but you can still use any card or gift card. So it is mucheasier in JD Sports if you only have cash to go to the store. https://www.jdsports. Screenshots:    ITunes – PaymentmethodThere are only two ways of making a payment method throughITunes which is because it is all through devices so you are not able to givecash over to someone so it makes it a lot hard for people to be able to buylike music. They payment methods are paying on any card or the ITunes giftcards which you can redeem into your apple account, they sell at apple storesor even places like Tesco or Whsmith which come in different prices like £15 to£100. Screenshots:        Similaritiesand differences: There similarities are that when online or through thewebsite you are only aloud to pay through cards or gift cards but in the JDStore you can buy the product and pay through cash so it is easier for theyounger customers who might not have cards or for someone who likes to pay incash better than taking their card out.  SocialMediaJD Sports –Social MediaJD Sports use their social media to show some of theirproducts online and because social media is one of the biggest platforms so itable to get to see more people to see their products.

It also attracts theyounger generation to see their products, using social media can get morepeople to their stores or buying things online.

uk/  Screenshots: ITunes – SocialMedia ITunes is only be able to use it through apple devices so itis easier for them to advertise their product through social media and they canshow how there app works and any deals they might have on buying the product.They can show there product on social medias such as twitter, Instagram,Facebook as they are the most popular thing to use for the younger generationso they can attract more customers and get people to know more about theproducts they sell.

com/uk/itunes/ Screenshots:     Similaritiesand differences:The similarities for both ITunes and JD Sports is that theyare both showing their products and trying to attract more people by using themost popular way from younger generation and for people in general, it is theeasiest way for them to attract more people in. The difference is that they areadvertising different products and trying to attract different types of people,ITunes is showing their products of which is one apple devices and you have touse a device whereas JD Sports is showing their clothing and what new brands orclothing products they have got in.

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