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Last updated: May 21, 2019

Professionaldevelopment provides ongoing opportunities for educators to continue to improvetheir knowledge and skills so they can help students achieve. When educatorslearn, students learn more. Anyone concerned about their students’ futures willwant to support a cycle of continuous professional growth for educators. Thatis why administrators of Cox’s Bazar City College must take necessary stepstowards building a forward-facing professional development program.

Everyonehas a role in ensuring that educators can take part in effective professionaldevelopment. Parents and citizens must demand and support intensive,high-quality professional development that results in better teaching, improvedschool leadership, and higher student performance. College board must havepolicies that make clear that the purpose of professional development is toincrease learning of both educators and their students, and boards must holdeducators accountable for achieving results.Administratorsfrom the local government must encourageand support the college in taking responsibility for professional developmentand must provide the time, money and facilitation for educators to learn whatthey need to know to address students’ learning problems. Educators whoorganize and facilitate professional development must understand what studentlearning needs educators are having difficulty meeting.

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Finally, throughouttheir careers, teachers and administrators must conscientiously engage inprofessional learning to develop the knowledge and skills to improve studentperformance.Thoseresponsible for organizing professional development often do so inways thatalienate rather than energize and assist educators. Those organizingtheprofessional development may not be clear about specific improvementsineducator and student performance that should result, or may notcarefullydetermine what steps will lead to the desired performance levels. Inaddition,educators often complain that they are required to participate in professionaldevelopment that does not address the real challenges they face in theirschools and classrooms. They resent “one-size-fits-all” professionaldevelopment that targets large numbers of educators from very differentcolleges and classrooms who have students with different needs. Also, theprofessional development may not consider educators’ varying levels of motivation, interest, knowledge, and skill.Poorly conceived and ineffectively implemented professional development leadsto complaints.

To be able to implement effective professional developmentprograms successfully, leaders of Cox’s Bazar City College must meet these problems and work together to find the best wayto avoid them.Nevertheless, there isno shortage of information about school systems and schools that organizeprofessional development effectively and achieve impressive results. Whereprofessional development is organized well, educators value it rather thancomplain about it.

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