PROGRAMMABLE to function according to the instructions which

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  PROGRAMMABLE CELLS REPORT          Mamdouh Abdul DayemIntroductionCells are the basic units of life in all living things where an organism is made up of one or more cells. This cells vary in shape and sizes with different cellular components known as the cell organelles.

A composition of many kinds of cells forms organs which work together to form the organ systems then the organism is composed by a connection of many organ systems thus making a cell a key component in a living organism. On the other side, we talk about programming which is a process of developing and applying various types of instructions to a computer so that it can perform specific tasks. These instructions are known as computer programs and help the computer to function appropriately. The language which is used to program a computer can only be understood by trained persons and now the computer itself.  Scientists have tried to apply programming to the cells where precise instructions can be given to a cell to enable it to carry out specific functions in the body of human beings or other living things.

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The DNA which is found in the cells is the hereditary material in living creatures, and they are the once that are used in cell programming to carry out specific information.DiscussionThe Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is located in the cell nucleus of the eukaryotes while in prokaryotes it is in the cytoplasm, where it contains the instructions which help in the development and role of living organisms. The primary function of the DNA is to encode a sequence of the amino acids which are found in proteins by the use of the genetic code (Travers,  & Muskhelishvili, 2015). In cell programming, information of interest is coded to the DNA so that it can be stored or transferred to other parts of the body through different ways. The information of interest can be coded in the DNA so that it can be read then transcribed into messenger molecules and later translated into a language that can be understood by the body. The language will now dictate how the amino acids in the body will release a particular protein that will enable the body to function according to the instructions which were coded in the DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid plays an essential function in the living organisms making cell programming possible and a significant achievement in the twentieth century.To analyze complex DNA encoded circuits, engineers from the field of biology have developed a language that gives them specific functions to the cells.

The language is based on Verilog which is a language that is used to program computer chips, but for the living cells, there must be gates and sensors which are encoded in a bacteria cell. One of the dedicated scientists said that even an ordinary text-based language could be used like the way the computer programmers do with computers, then the text is accumulated so that with time,

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