PROJECT functions under this framework. 1. Scope management

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PROJECTMANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK :- INTRODUCTION:-·       For the successful management of any project, we havedifferent management functions which ensures the successful delivery of anyproject.  ·       Apart from the basic following of the projectdevelopment lifecycle, each project also undergoes through all these knowledgeareas which help in the better development of any project. ·       These functions are various management processes whichare vast in their own way and have various functions under each of them.·       For any project to work in a proper manner, a projectmanager can use this project management framework to cover every perspective ofthe making of any project.·       So, the following are the management functions underthis framework. 1.     Scopemanagement2.

     Timemanagement3.     Costmanagement4.     Qualitymanagement5.     HumanResource management6.     Communicationmanagement7.     Riskmanagement8.

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     Procurementmanagement9.     ProjectIntegration management ·       Below, is the diagram of the PROJECT MANAGEMENTFRAMEWORK which involves the following :-ü Thestakeholders with their needs and expectationsü The core functionsü Thefacilitating functionsü Projectportfolioü Tools andTechnologyü DocumentationDIAGRAM :-WORKING :-·       Once, the stakeholders have defined their needs andrequirements to the organization, the goal is to achieve these requirements.·       So, a project undergoes through these knowledge areas.·       Each function plays an important function which isdiscusses below with an example. ·       SCOPE MANAGEMENT :- v This functionis responsible for taking care of the scope of the project.v By the word”scope”, we mean to cover the goals and tasks on time which the.v The endgoal is the achieve the goal of each sub task and gradually the tasks as awhole.v Tools andtechniques considered here are scope statements, work breakdown structures,scope change controls etc.

v Ex : Toensure that the budget, resources, tasks etc. of a project are considered onproper planning ·       TIME MANAGEMENT :-v This functionis responsible for taking care that every module or sub task is completed ontime.v This isrequired because each task is dependent on any other task which further makesanother task.v So, for thechronological execution of any project, we need to consider time as a factor.v Tools andtechniques considered here are gantt charts, schedule performance measurementsetc.

v Ex: In anhuman resource department, the report of an employee’s performance and addedincentives, will decide the amount of salary he’ll get that month. So, thefinance department is dependent on the human resource department for this. ·       COST MANAGEMENT:-v This functionis responsible for taking care of the cost of the project.

v It defines howmuch a project costs to the client considering all the factors utilized forthis project.v Here, weconsider all the resources being used, an employee’s efforts and many otherfactors which help us define a project’s cost at which it has to be delivered.v Tools andtechniques used here are cost estimates, cost baselines etc.v Ex: Todetermine the cost of the ·       QUALITY MANAGEMENT:-v This functionis responsible for taking care of the cost of the project.v It ensuresthat the quality of the product being delivered is maintained throughout themaking of it.v Itconsiders quality control measures like checklists, quality control charts etc. ·       HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT :-v This functionis responsible of taking care of the overall employees of the organization.

v Itconsiders an employee’s performance analysis, their salary and incentives andtheir comfort in the organization.v It followsmotivation techniques, resource histograms, team building exercises etc.  ·       COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT :-v This functiontakes care of the communication going on in between the various other functionsof the organization.v Itconsiders conflict resolving, employee consultation etc.v It followskick off plans, conflict management, virtual communications etc. ·       RISK MANAGEMENT :-v This functiontakes care of the risk being taken for any project development and the analysisof it for the future preparedness. v Itconsiders in which circumstances will the system fail or what will happen tothe data in case of any power failure etc.v It followsimpact matrices, risk management techniques, risk rankings etc.

 ·       PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT :-v This functiontakes care of the delivery of the product and the interdisciplinary input theoutput needed.v It followsmake-or-buy analysis, requests of proposals or quotes, supplier evaluationtechniques etc. ·       PROJECT INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT :-v Here, allthe 8 functions of the project management framework are collaborated and keptin consideration for managing the process. v It followsproject management methodologies, stakeholder analysis, change requests, changecontrols etc.·       After the testing of the product and documentation,the project is delivered to the customer.

·       And hence, the project is considered to be asuccessful one.    

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