Prokaryotes times and it can adapt with environment

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Prokaryotes havebeen known as a main living microorganism on our Earth which has survive duringancient time, having been present for perhaps around three-quarters of ourEarth olden times and it can adapt with environment in this earth. As a colony,they now displayed extremely assorted metabolic competences of them.(KaraRogers,18.01.2018)  .The diseasethat causes by bacteria are come from bad bacteria or known as pathogenic bacteria.STDrefers to any one ofvarious diseases that can be transmitted by direct sexual contact withsomebody. Bacteria are responsible for STD (sexual transmitted disease) such as Gonorrhoeae and Syphilis.

These disease are mainly caused by bacteria which is Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Treponemapallidum respectively . A few bacterial pathogens, including thoseGram-negative diplococcus , Neisseria gonorrhoeae, handleextracellular proteases that would particular to mankind’s immunoglobulinIgA1,. Immunoglobulin a (IgA) proteases have been mulled over extensively andthe genes about some species cloned to escherichiacoli, Yet their part clinched alongside pathogenesis stays vague. ( JohannesPohlner et .

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al , 1987) . Usually menwill faced a urinary tract symptoms attributed to the proctits or prostatitis ,urethritis , epididymitis ,it is with associated mucopurulent urethraldischarge . Many women or girls that face this disease is asymptomatic whichthey did not having any symptom but occasionally , they have symptom like pelvicand vaginal discomfort of dysuria and it can lead to pelvic inflammatory diseasethat could be worse . The high prevalence of Neisseria Gonorrhea are resistantto any antimicrobial agents and this is a very serious problem in the treatmentof this disease . ( Furuya R , Tanaka M 2009 ) .

In 1879 Nessier observed the bacteria gonococcusor Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which changed into verified to be the cause ofgonorrhoea. He found this in sufferers with symptoms of gonorrhoea .

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