Prosecution sentencing choices for the courts, and conviction

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Last updated: September 26, 2019

Prosecution isthat the main suggeststhat by that thehealth and safety imposing authorities(mainly HSE and therefore the native authorities) hold toaccount those purported to havecommitted serious breaches of health and safety law.Health and safety law provides fewsentencing choices forthe courts, and conviction sometimes ends up in a fine.However, the broader criminal justice system provides some ways by that to carry Associate innursing wrongdoer toaccount. Some could also be acceptable to health and safetyoffences.

 This is often notably true of these that could:Ø Provide incentives to go with the law;Ø Enhance the role of victims;Ø Offer a lot of restitutionto the profession andemployees; orØ Help make surethat lessons area unit learntand offences don’t seem to be continual.Ø And various penalties area unit already utilized in several health and safety systemsin Europe and Australia.This is why HSE is considering what the impactwould be of introducing various penaltiesfor health and safety offences. We’ve raisedwith some key stakeholders the doable applicationof restorative parts within the justice system – as an instance, conditionalcautioning. Sizeable interestwas shown.We areaunit currently increasing this dialogue to incorporate different various penalties cherish body fines and adverse promotional material orders. We have a tendency to additionally will commission analysis into the employment of other penalties elsewhere.

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A photo of the choice sanctions that are mentioned within the health and safetycontext, alongside some recommended problems for discussion, are often found within the space concerning various penalties.This list isn’t thoroughgoing, and that we would welcome yourviews on these or the other penalties, that you’ll email to [email protected]

ukThis work is an element of a broader analysis of the impact of HSC’s social control policy, thanks to be completed in 2006, that may guarantee various penalties area unit thought of as a part of our overall approachto up social control. It might be useful to receive views on various penalties by the tip of 2005.

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