Proud Moments in Canada

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Last updated: February 25, 2019

Canada has had many proud moments In the past 100 years that makes us who we are now.

Balmy Ridge was one of our first proud moments In the asses where all four Canadian divisions In World War I fought In one battle together. After the First World War Canada became Its own country by the Statute of Westminster stating that we were no longer was about of Great Britain. In the asses Canada Invented many useful things that we still use today like the telephone, radio, television and cars. During the 1928 Olympics, Canada won 4 gold metals, 2 silver metals and 1 bronze teal.Hockey night in Canada became huge when it started out and still is to this day, it started on the radio but after TV was invented it moved to television broadcasting.

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One big discovery that Canada is proud of is the discovery of insulin used for diabetic people discovered by Frederick Banging and Charles Best. Hockey was starting to become huge and legends were born. Maurice Richard also known as the “Rocket” Is a Canadian hockey player that we are very proud of. He played for the Montreal Canadians and was their best player by far.In the 1944-45 hockey season e scored 50 goals In 50 games making him a hockey legend. Paul Henderson Is another hockey legend for the USSR hockey series In 1972. Canada won and he was the one who scored the winning goal for us.

Expo 67 was Canada’s 10th birthday so they celebrating with a huge party and 50 million people from all across the world came to see bringing in lots of money for us. Terry Fox was a huge deal in 1980 and still is now. He ran from Newfoundland all the way to Canada to raise money for cancer research.

He did all of this with only one leg and raised over $20 million before he died. When 9/1 1 happened in the United States, Americans came to Canada and stayed in the airports, Canadians wanted to help so they brought food blankets and clothes for the Americans. Canada did a lot of things that we are proud for and helped people out around the world.

One of Canada’s most proud and most Important moments would be Terry Fox. On April 12, 1980 he started his run for cancer In SST. John’s Newfoundland at 4:ma’am. He was 20 years old and only had one real leg because of his cancer, he was an amputee.

He ran through six provinces, running 42 km each day. When he had cached Toronto he had made so much progress with donations that he had skipped some doctor appointments and became really sick now. His cancer had spread to his lungs and his cancer charity run was over. People hadn’t given up and were still donating a lot of money to the cancer research because of him. Big organizations heard about his run and started donating millions of dollars to cancer research to help.

Terry was given the highest civilian honor award in Canada for his courage and all his help for Cancer research.He died on June 28, 1981, he was only 21 when he died but had helped change the world. All together there was $24. 17 million raised when Terry Fox was alive. The Terry Fox run Is now a worldwide run every year In almost 50 countries where people get together and run to raise money for cancer.

Every year almost $20 million is raised worldwide and wouldn’t happen if Terry Fox ant’s cone Nils run across ten country Tort cancer. Proud moments were very important to Canada’s identity and nation. Our past proud moments made Canada the great country it is now and ones to come will change our future nation too.

Some of our proud moments are celebrated now and will continue to be celebrated in the future. In the future if we keep doing things to be proud of then Canada will be considered a better country to the rest of the world. Some of our proud moments have brought in a lot of money and has made Canada a wealthy country. If Canada is considered a great country then a lot more refugees and immigrants will want to come live here and our population will grow. Proud moments now are important for our future because they give us a different identity.

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