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What comes to your mind when you hear “Stargardt’s Disease”? Well, I have possible experience with this. Stargardt’s can cause you to lose vision rapidly, become legally blind, and possible color blindness. So, What is Stargardt’s Disease? The answer is that it is an inherited juvenile macular degeneration, which is a disorder of the retina. Stargardt’s causes progressive vision loss, usually to the point of legal blindness. An estimate is

The the posterior abdominal wall . Vastus lateralis

The linea aspera represents the posterior corticalthickening of the femoral diaphysis which working as a muscularattachement  and buttressing theconcavity of the femoral shaft at the middle portion of the shaft , the femurhas smooth medial, lateral and posterior borders . In the proximal and distalportion of the femur , the linea aspera widens to create an additionalposterior surface . Muscle attachements :-The subtrochanteric region of the femur is completelycovered by mascular

9th grade Prentice hall literature

assumed took for granted imposing large and impressive persistent continuing stubbornly adolescence time between childhood and adult hood vindictive revengeful desideratum something wanted or needed rancor bitter or hate atonement act of making up for a wrongdoing or an injury obstinacy stubbornness pious having or showing religious devotion tumultuous greatly disturbed;in an uproar implications indirect results confines boundaries or bounded regions;border,limit desolate forlorn;wretched poignant emotionally touching immaculate perfectly correct,without flaw

Endocrine Anatomy

Pineal gland controls what? sleep/wake patterns Pituitary gland is also known as? master gland Pituitary gland is located where? base of the brain Pituitary gland produces what hormones? anterior and posterior Anterior hormones act on what? the bones, adrenals, thyroid gland, testes, ovaries and mammary glands Posterior antidiuretic hormone affects what? kidneys Posterior hormones produce oxytocin that affects what? uterus and mammary glands Thyroid hormone, T3 and T4, regulates what?

As blend of fruity flavors includes notes of

As I open the brightred box, I am greeted by a very pleasant and irresistible fruity aroma. Whilepouring the box into my bowl, ring shaped pieces rapidly fall out and arecolors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This blend of fruityflavors includes notes of lemon, raspberry, orange, cherry, and lime flavors. Alongwith their bright colors, these pieces are also covered by a thick, white coatof sugar.              “Froot

Cystic chosen carriers. However, the child who has

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is acommon lethal autosomal recessive childhood genetic disorder which is popularin the Caucasian population with a carrier occurrence of one in 25 (Davidson and Porteous, 1998).It has been reported that onein 2500 child births are affected and have an average life expectation of 28years. It is an inherited disease, heterozygotes carry one normal CF allele andone mutant allele who are asymptomatic and chosen carriers. However, the childwho

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