Public Cameras

Public Cameras Trying on clothing before purchasing them is something I love. I enjoy checking myself out in new the new vintage clothing of my choice. However, after reading the article, Snoopers at Work, I have become much less comfortable in the dressing room of a clothing store. Who would have ever thought that they were being watched while getting undressed? Are video surveillance cameras in public locations a good idea? I believe these cameras can be bring positive or negative aspects in different situations.

Being watched on camera without the consent of an individual may be a complete invasion of one’s privacy, but this can also be helpful in dangerous situations or in case of theft. Although no one wants to be watched without their consent, businesses have to protect their merchandise. If this means putting cameras in dressing rooms so that customers will not steal their commodities, they must do so. Even employees with private offices are being observed attentively ??” which I find this to be a bit disturbing.

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Many employees think of their office as being their very own personal space but little do they know, someone is watching their every move. These actions tend to be necessary but not in all scenarios. Individuals may feel that their privacy has been vanquished. Some people say, “one has nothing to fear, unless they have something to hide. ” This may be true, but what about the innocent individuals who are getting their privacy invaded because of others’ bad choices.

In the essay, Snoopers at Work, the author revealed a story about a ustomer trying on clothes in a department store while being watched by an employee on a stepladder through a metal vent. The author refers to this event as being tacky ??” I completely agree with his statement. The man had no idea someone was observing him get undressed. He must have felt immensely uncomfortable and demented when he recognized the man eyeballing him from the metal vent. The customer tried suing the retail store but lost.

The author declares the state court found it reasonable for retail stores to defend against shoplifting by using urveillance. There is also a positive outlook on surveillance cameras. When businesses are being robbed, the camera helps the police identify the criminal. I recently read an article on Los Angeles News about a Yellow Cab taxi driver picking up a female area and attempting to drop her off. The young woman reached through the glass divider, threatened the driver with a box cutter, and demanded money.

Because of the surveillance camera in the taxi cab the police department were able o see a crystal clear view of the young woman. The camera was able to hear the woman’s voice, and see her facial features, and her clothing. Although cameras may limit society’s privacy, they truly bring safety to the environment. Despite the fact that the criminal may not be caught at that very moment, the camera will assist the law enforcement capture the victim. I believe the more the public is aware of the cameras, the more the cameras will have a disincentive effect on criminal activity. By Briauna-ontanae’


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