Puritan Literature Review

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Last updated: April 29, 2019
What are the 4 components of persuasive text?
audience, speaker, occasion, and means of persuasion

Explain quote: “O, Sinner!”
God can throw you into Hell if you disobey him.

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How many Puritans were left after disease struck the colony?
50 people

Explain quote: “Bow is Bent”
God can punish you in an instant; God has his bow aimed at sinners.

What was John Smith able to achieve from third person narration?
He is considered an objective (neutral) observer. He removes himself so he does not seem conceited. It doesn’t work.

How was Smith’s text narrated?
Third person

What object did John Smith give to Opechankanough, leader of the native tribe Pamunkee?
a compass

What are the 3 ideals of Puritanism?
Grace, plainness, Divine Mission

Explain poem: “Upon the Burning.

..” How does this relate to Puritan beliefs?

Worldly possessions do not matter. God has everything you need and controls all in heaven.

This relates to the belief of plainness.

What is an iambic couplet?
An unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable and two successive lines that rhyme.

*Who was the Native American that captured John Smith?

At what age did William Bradford start reading the Bible?
Age 12

What year did the Puritans arrive in America?

What is the symbol of the city upon the hill? (3 things)
You are closer to God, superior to all, a model for the rest of the world.

What is anaphora?
Repition of words at the beginning of a line in a poem.

What is needed to avoid the wrath of God and to carry out the divine mission?
Working together and loving each other (teamwork, unity, love)

Who introduced the Puritans to Squanto?

Why did the Puritans come to the New World?
To escape the religious persecution against them in England (an Anglican nation)

What is a covenant?
A promise to God. In this case it is the promise to carry out the Divine Mission.

How long did Puritanism last?
100 years

What was the religious movement Johnathan Edwards preached about?
The Great Awakening

What colony did John Winthrop govern?
The Massachusetts Bay Colony

What happened to the “lusty man” on the Mayflower and who caused it?
He was complaining about all the sick people on board. God caused him to get sick and this man was the first to die and be thrown over board.

How does Anne Bradstreet’s first volume differ from her second?
The first talks more about medicine, history, and fire while the second talks more about simple life, children, and husband.

Describe the Puritan style of writing.
It was plain and simple.

Who was the Indian that saved John Smith and how did they do it?
Pocahontas saved Smith by placing her head next to his to stop her father from beating him to death.

Where was William Bradford born and where did he go after that and then where? (It’s sort of confusing, I know)
He was born in England, then went to the Netherlands, then to America.

* What is the title of John Winthrop’s piece of literature? (not “Of Insects”
“A Model of Christian Charity”

How many children did Anne Bradstreet have?

Anne Bradstreet was the first ______.
Female poet

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