Qatar’s Populating a tiny dessert peninsula that stretches

Qatar’s areais mostly a flat low desert. Hills reach about 130 feet around the western andnorthern coast.

Abu al-Bawl Hill is the country’s tallest point. Sand dunes andsalt flats are the chief topographical features of the southern sectors.Qatar’s coastline is greater than 350 miles long. This is a good paraphrase. Removethese notes.

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 Populatinga tiny dessert peninsula that stretches northward from the larger ArabianPeninsula. Since prehistoric times it has been abandoned endlessly. After theupcoming of Islam the region became subject to the Islamic caliphate . Qatarhas one of the world’s biggest reserves of petroleum and natural gas. Due totheir oil wealth the country’s residents enjoy a high standard of living and anorganized system of social services. Go ahead: you know what to do and you aregood at this.

Just make it happen. Next check Take out these notes.  Qataris technically an “Emirate” ruled by an Emir. Since they gainedindependence the country’s rulers have been in the same family. TheEmir and another great amount of members of the Al Thani family and are mainlymale. However, some high levels appointments have been made outside of theruling family.

Due to the concentration of power within the Al Thani divisionsor disputes amongst members of this large kin group will have impact on thepolitical relations. In 1998 Qatar held elections for a “municipal council.” This was the first election Qatar everheld, the campaign was popping and attracted large portions of Qatar’scitizenry. Even though numbers of women ran for office, none were elected inthe first vote. Women and men both turned out to vote for representatives fromtheir residential sectors. Local residential sectors are represented by themunicipal council. InQatar schools are gender-segregated.

  Menand women can obtain employment in government agencies or private enterpriseafter completing school. Women   of  Qatar usually  get  employment in  government  jobs, in  the  sections like  education,  health, and  social  affairs. Greater  positions  are taken  by  men. The  present  of the  foreign  workforce has  put  more women  in  the public  sphere, those  women work  primarily  in jobs  that  in force the  division  of labor  by  gender. Foreign  women  are hired  mainly  as maids,  nannies,  teachers, nurses,  and service  workers.   Until the  arrival  of the  mid-18th  century Al-Khalifa  ruled  much of  the  peninsula. Which still is in power to this day.

 Al-Thani  is  a branch  of  the old  Tamim  tribe of central  Arabia  thought to have  came  to Qatar  from  the Gibrin region in southern Najd. First  they  were nomadic  Bedouins, but  the region’s sparsevegetation led them to the peninsula’s coastal areas around Zubara where  they fished   and  dived  for  pearls. The first Al-Thani emir, Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani, started hiscapital  at  Al-Bida in  the  mid-19th century, laying  the  base of the modern Doha.  He built hisposition  against  other local  tribes  by signing  a  treaty with  the  British in  1867.   In 1872 the  second  Al-Thani emir,  Jasim, signed a treaty  with  the Turks  letting  them build  a  garrison in  Doha.

  The Turks  were  canceled under  the third  Al-Thani emir,  Sheikh Abdullah.  After  Turkey entered WWI on  the  other side to  Britain.  After British confirmed Qatar’s protection in  exchange  for  apromise  that  the ruler  would  not deal  with  other foreign  powers  without British  permission –  until September 1, 1971 when independence was  proclaimed the agreement  was endured. Discoveries  has shown  that  primeval Qataris exchanged  pottery and  dried  fish.

 The  rulers  and the  people  became Islamic during  the 7th  century. Qatar is  an  active participant  in  the Persian Gulf-Indian ocean commerce throughout  the  medieval period.  The  British invested themselves  in Qatar  because the territory  is a goodvantage  point  in their route to India.  The northern peninsula  is  controlled by the Al Khalifa clan  from Bahrain  during   the 19th century.   The Qataris fought against  Al Khalifas who sent massive  naval force  against them inreturn.  The rebels  lost but  the  British got involved  andnegotiations  started. The  result was  the  State of  Qatar was  founded in  December 18,1878.

  Qataris  chose an  entrepreneur  named Muhammad bin Thani as their negotiator  with  the British and  the Bahrain. His  clan the  Al Thanis  would soon  rule Qatar.  When the British  finally  announced its  political disengagement  with the Persian Gulf,  Qatar  joined a  federation  which includes  Bahrain  and seven  other  States. Qatar left and declared their independence on  September 3,1971  due  todisagreements  with  the federation.

  Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani  took  power  from  his father  Khalifa bin Hamad AlThani  while  on vacation in Switzerland.  Qatar  enjoyed some  amount  of socio  political  liberalization like  the right to vote  under  his rule.  The Al-Thani  family  lived in Qatar  for  200 years. The  1916  treaty between  the United  Kingdom  and Sheikh  Abdullah  was close  to  those entered  into  by the  British  with other  Persian   Gulf  principalities.  Beneath it, the  ruler  agreed not to  get  rid of  any  of his  territory  except to the U.K  and  not  toget  into any  relationships  with any  foreign  government without British  consent.  The British promised  to protect Qatar  from  aggression by  sea and  to lend  good  offices in case  of  a land attack    in return.  A treaty granted  more  extensive British  protection  in 1934.

 A75-year oil concession was granted to  the  Qatar Petroleum  Company  in 1935,  secondary   to the  Iraq  Petroleum Company,  which  was owned  by  Anglo-Dutch, U.S. interests, and French.  Dukhan discovered  high-quality  oil in   1940,  on the  western  side of  the   Qatar peninsula.  However,  the start of WWll  delayed oil exploitation  and  oil exports  did  not begin  until  1949.February 1972,  the Heir   Apparent,  Sheikh Khalifa  bin  Hamad Al  Thani  disposed his cousin,  Ahmed bin  Ali Al  Thani,  and took  power.

  Main members  of  the  Al  Thani family   supported  his move,  which  didn’t have violence   or  signs of  political  unrest.  June 27,1995 Khalifa  binHamad  was  disposed in a  bloodless  coup by  his son  Deputy Emir,  Sheikh Hamad  bin Khalifa.  In  11996 an  unsuccessful  counter-coup was  staged. The  Emir  and his  father  are now  closer,  though some  supporters  of the  counter-coup   are still in prison.  Qatar  citizens approved  a  new constitution  via  public referendum  on April  2003.    Human  life on  the  Qatar Peninsula  dates  as  far  back as  50,000  years back,  when  tiny groups  of  Stone Age  inhabitants  built coastal  encampments  according to archaeological  evidences.

Other  finds  have had pottery  from  the Al  Ubaid  culture of  Mesopotamia  and northern Arabia, rock carvings, burial mounds, and  a large  town that  dates  from around  500  B.C. at Wusail, 20 kilometers north of Doha. The Qatar Peninsula  was close  to the  Dilmun civilization  in  Bahrain to  feel  its  influence. Doha   capital of  Qatar,   was  a  fishing village  once,  pearl fishers  would  search for  their  fortunes and  a  famous centre   for  horse and  camel  breeding, Qatar  was  a popping   stop  with traders  looking around and  shipping goods  for  India to China.

  After  WWl, in 1916  Qatar  became a  British  Protectorate. In  1971  the country  got  independence for  Britain.  Since  Qatar’s independence  in  1971, the  geopolitical  location and  its  search for  tribal  religious and  political  autonomy in  the  Gulf have  shown  its character  also  the domestic  and  foreign policy.

After  his  rise to  power  following a  palace  coup, Sheikh  Khalifa  bin Hamad  Al Thani settled  upon strengthen  his  control over  oil production,  modernizing the country,  and  organizing the  government.  He balanced relations   with  Saudi Arabia  and  Bahrain, regardless of  territorial disputes,   in  1981 joined  the  Gulf Cooperation  Council,  Throughout the  first  Gulf War  in  1990 he  built  his relationship  the  with United  States .   He signed  a  security pact  with  the United  States  after the  war.  Accused for  not  taking full  advantage  of Qatar’s  enlarged oil  and  gas resources.

 Qatar  is an  perfect  place to  show  all types of  Middle  Eastern  cuisine  also   Iranian and  Turkish.  Breakfast is  usually  served around 6  o’clock meridian because  the workday  starts  early. It’s   made of  olives,  cheese, yogurt,  and coffee.  Lunch is  the  important meal  of  the day.  People  eat after  1 o’clock meridian,  lunch  frequently starts  with  appetizers, followed  by  fish  or  lamb  stew, salad  , bread , fruit,  and cooked  vegetables.  Late in  the  evening is  when  dinner is served. Regional  plates have  matchbous  which is  spiced  lamb with  rice  seafood eaten  with  seasoned rice,  and  hareis which  is  prepared by  slow-cooked  wheat and  tender  lamb. Qatar food  also  has  desserts including  “Khabees” which  is prepared  by using  rosewater,  cardamom, saffron, nuts  and dates.

  Also dumplings  fried  in oil  then  sweetened using  honey or  sugar  syrup. Desserts  usually are  enjoyed with  a  cup of  Arabic  coffee. Muslim  Qatari don’t  eat pork.  They  eat halal  meat,  which has  been  plainly prepared  by   the slaughter  due  to  Muslim  laws. Every  traditional  dish  has a  special  cooking method,  which  is general  in  all of  Qatari  regions. Though there  are  no specific  preparation  in the Qatari  cuisine. Qatari  cuisine uses  elements  from different  cooking  traditions took  from  their neighbors  and  developed from  their  own traditional  dishes,  such as  Iranian  and Turkish together  with  nomad and  Indian.

  Its essential  to  use the  right  amount of  spices,  either for  spicing  up the  taste  or  coloring  the dish.  The variety  of vegetables  and  cereals found  in  Qatar is  also  seen in  delicious  dishes belonging  to  their cuisine.  Meat  is a  main  part of  most  Qatari dishes.

Qataris  prepare  most meals  with  hand, because  they  believe that  hands  gives food  a  good energy. Qataris  make special  dishes for  specials occasions  like  tabbouleh which  is  chopped parsley, mint  and crushed  wheat, or  ghuzi  which is specially prepared  like  a whole  roast  lamb served  with  rice and  pine-nuts.  Important festivals  are  Islamic new  year,  anniversary of  the  Emir’s Succession,  and  independence Day.  The habitual  festivals  present a  right  event for  universal,  cultural and  artistic displays  which are  used  by rich  and  different attractions  and  dishes. Shawarma  is  an important meal  in  festivals which  is  grilled shavings  of  lamb or  chicken, along  with salad  and  rolled inside  a  pocket of  pita  bread. Men  in Qatar  greet  each other by nose  rubbing.  On the 14th day of Ramadan,  Qatari celebrate  Garangao , for  children it’s  a fun  tradition.  In efforts  in  fasting half way  through  the holy  month  they celebrate.

  Throughout Garangao, following  the  sunset prayer, children dress  up in  traditional clothes,  carry  a decorated  bag,  and walk  around  their neighborhoods  signing  the Garangao  song. The  end of  the  fast at  sunset  traditionally would  be  marked by  the firing  of a  canon,  so even   those  away from  town  would be able to  hear  the signal  and   know it’s  time to break the  fast.  We still do  this  tradition ceremoniously,  and  its broadcast  live  on Qatar  TV  to indicate   the  end  of  the day’s  fast.

  Qatar  traditions are determined  and regulated by Muslim religion,  because  of the  rules  on behavior  are  strict. Qataris  do  not sunbathe  or  swim. Qataris have  a lot  of other  interesting  activities, such  as-  crafts. Tourists  can buy  impressive  souvenirs and  products  of Arab  craftsmen.  Jewelry made  of  gold and  silver  are most  popular.

True experts  of Arabic style jewelry  appreciatethese works of art. Qataris one of the richest  country in theworld.  Even though it’s very hot  Qataris  still don’t wear revealing  clothes.  It started off as a very poor country.  Qatar has one of the best airlines  in the  world.

  Also it’s veryexpensive to live in Qatar.  

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