QUALIFICATIONS while meeting association objectives day by day.

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Last updated: September 24, 2019

QUALIFICATIONS?  Experience with frameworks/databasesutilized for monetary data administration and revealing. ?  Outstanding phone way and meticulousto serve clients face to face or by means of email. ?  Talented to oversee and resolve clientissues while keeping up great customer relationship. ?  Exceptional capacity to surpassbusiness benefit while meeting association objectives day by day. ?  Experienced in sorting out andpreparing company’s/customer’s records reports and records. ?  Experienced with dealing with the clientface to face on the everyday schedule.

?  Good at taking care of branchbriefings toward the start and end of the day. ?  Proven group pioneer abilities forperforming in the branch saving money administrations.  EDUCATION ?  Post Graduate Certificate, HumberCollege, Toronto, ON                                               Sept.

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2017  –  Present ?  F.Y.BMS/S.


BMS, MumbaiUniversity, India                                     Aug.2010  – May. 2013 ?  S.S.C/H.S.C, Maharashtra State Board,India                                                     June 2008  –  Apr.2010 Assistant / Relationship Manager, HDFC Bank, India                                     Sept.

2013 –Apr. 2016?  Responsible for customer accounts, andin addition kept up the great association with clients. ?  Received, screened and took care ofphone calls, arranged and submitted cost reports. ?  Triaged and organized business demandsfor framework upgrades and deformities consistently. ?  Acted as a contact between theadvancement group, diverse offices, and branch staff. ?  Recognized all disparities andsuccessfully drew in with partners to determine concerns. ?  Took way to deal with recognizechances to change current business rehearse into an answer. ?  Troubleshoot operational issues,guaranteeing all effects to procedures and frameworks are distinguished.

 VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCEFaculty/ PeerTutor, Department of Math’s, MT Educare and WSA,India            Nov. 2013 – Aug. 2017

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