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Last updated: June 13, 2019

SWISS ARMY KNIFE The Swiss Army Knife has many dimensions of quality and uses. This knife/tool also has several defining qualities. Its ideal use is for the camping outdoorsman, but with its many functions, can be useful for just about everyone.

The performance of the Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is of highest quality. SAK multi-function tool can perform many tasks with several of its different features. The SAK can be used as a screwdriver, reamer, bottle opener, key ring, toothpick, wood saw, corkscrew, knife, tweezers, and a flashlight just to name a few.Reliability of SAK comes with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. This warranty covers any damage or broken pieces and parts to the product. Durability or lifespan of SAK is a lifetime, with proper maintenance. It is recommended that the blade be sharpened every 6 months. Storing the SAK in a moisture free area and cleaning the SAK after each use also helps maintain durability.

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SAK makes it a top priority to maintain compliance throughout its products.SAK standards are set high, with a strong effort to provide practical, functional and top-quality products. Serviceability is backed by the lifetime warranty. If anything shall break or needs repaired just send in the SAK along with $3.

00 and it will be repaired and sent back within 3 weeks. SAK comes with an instruction manual to help explain the many uses. The aesthetics of SAK are pleasing.

They have several different colors from bright red to a camouflaged design. They SAK are designed with a contoured grip to get maximum control when using its multiple functions.SAK will engrave your name or message to personalize each knife for you. SAK has been around well over 100 years and its logo of a red shield with a white cross in the middle is known across the globe as a symbol of quality and success. The SAK has won many awards throughout the years including lightest, smallest and most efficient tool. The transcendent excellence of SAK products has led to the longevity of the company. SAK has stayed ahead of its competition by maintaining high product and user base qualities.By producing a multi-functional tool, SAK offers a value-added product that other companies have tried to mimic but cannot match.

SAK has total quality control from start to finish. The incoming goods inspection has to meet specific OEM standards. The steel used to produce SAK is tested in a laboratory and guarantees the use of only first-class steel. Through process control, departmental managers are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the products is guaranteed and that state-of-the-art technologies are utilized.

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