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Last updated: April 29, 2019

What does Harry Lavender imagine in this passage? What does he want to happen?Find a quote that shows the arrogance of Harry Lavender. Identify a technique that has been used in the quote.1. Harry Lavender is imagining his own funeral.

He wants a big extravaganza to be made and all the attention to be on him like a production show.He is imagining it as a state affair, he is an icon, ‘’legend’’ and there are waves of crowds surrounding him and police having to hold people back. A quote to show his arrogance: “I am famous, a legend in my time, All of Sydney has turned out to pay homage, I have done so much for so many.” and, “The people hold springs of lavender, like rosemary on Anzac Day” A technique that has been used in this quote is hyperbole, allusion (to ANZAC traditions).

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Highlighting his delusions and emphasises he is a power-hungry. What are some of the difficulties encountered by Harry Lavender during his childhood? How did he deal with these challenges?What are some of the lessons Harry Lavender learnt during his childhood?What is it that Harry Lavender wants to achieve?Identify two quotes that reveal Harry’s use of power. Identify the techniques used within these quotes.2. Harry Lavender was a refugee and encountered some difficult times when beginning school.

The Nazis killed all of his family. 6 boys attacked him at playtime making fun of his clothing and the way he looked. He also held a knife to their faces so close that they could not even blink. Some of the lessons Harry Lavender learnt were that even though he was top of the class in his old school it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to be at his new school and it is not going to be easy. He did not understand the language so was ‘put back’ making him feel uncomfortable. Harry Lavender wants to achieve power.

He foreshadows how he will bribe the government and police in later years to come as a crime boss. 2 quotes that revea…

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