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Last updated: April 9, 2019

Life was good. I had achieved everything I had intended to as a young child. Apart from owning my own jet plane and a coffee house I managed to realize most of my dreams, which included very undemanding things of me.

I was an employee of the English Railway; I resided in a respectable locale and had a family of my own. But… life for me had reached that peak of “good” where it begun to turn monotonous. This, by any standard is not a protest but a confession.

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I am engulfed by guilt the moment these words even enter my mind.In a way, I have embarked on a quest for excitement, stimulation of some sort, even though, life is good. My job is gradually proving to be the sole source of excitement in my life. The railway Station I have learnt comprises more than arrival and departures, but emotional setbacks and gains, disappointment and encouragement. The Station, also introduced me to Luka Vegelle. Luka is a neighbor of mine. But as a neighbor she doesn’t hold any significance for me. She’s just a woman in her late twenties, who I might have encountered in the lobby or perhaps in the elevator.

Luka never had an impact on me, until she started appearing at The Station. Soon she became more than the woman who stays upstairs from me, who dresses well, but only to cover the deep, dark secrets within her, who was always seen clutching a pearl necklace and a piece of the chess board, the queen. Every Thursday she would inevitably arrive at The Station and seat herself on the green wooden bench facing platform number nine. Initially, I never made much of it but then I heard them fight.

Luka my upstairs neighbor and I shared a sound passage that in some ways opened a door to me, which led to her enigmas.Something always broke and a cry would always be suppressed. Then, he would roar, ” Where is he? ” the question would never be answered. He soon became brutal, we heard him hurting her. But that is all we did, hear them.

Till last Thursday. She arrived at The Station donned up in attire, which sparkled with sophistication. An elegant hat as well. She had never looked so stylish before. I began to wonder what brought her to The Station every Thursday.

My shift ended early and I decided to use that as an opportunity and confront her.I sauntered to the green bench and gingerly took a seat beside her. She glanced at me and her eyes glistened with recognition.

I was at a loss for words. ” Hello, Ms. Vegelle I live upstairs from you” I helplessly began. “Yes, I know, may I help you? ” she offered graciously. “Perhaps this is most inappropriate but..

. I… thought you might need some assistance” I began carefully ” Assistance? Really, I’m quite baffled by your questions” ” The truth of the matter is,” I said sharply taking in my breath, “that the clamor from your house has me worried about you.

Her expression suffered a change and she glared at me. ” Ma’am, you were right, this is most inappropriate. I would prefer if you would deal with your own problems rather than mine,” she answered curtly. I decided not to pursue her any further and began making my way back home.

They continued to fight but in a more subdued fashion. Less crashes and bangs. But they still continued to fight. Luka unceasingly appeared at The Station every Thursday. I never made contact with her again. One Saturday afternoon, I came across a turquoise blue handkerchief in the lobby.It was lying innocently near the elevator. On close scrutiny I discovered the initials L.

V daintily embroidered. I wondered if I should go and return it to her or wait and give it to her at The Station, I settled on the latter. Suddenly Luka and Thursdays became something I intensely awaited.

My desired source of excitement. Thursday. “Hello Luka, I happened to find this in the lobby and wondered if it was yours. ” I commenced. ” Oh yes! It is mine. Thank you so much, I have been searching for this high and low. I truly appreciate it.

” She breathlessly said. No problem. I thought perchance this would be a suitable time for me to apologize for our unpleasant encounter here a few weeks ago. ” I cautiously ventured.

Her expression darkened. “Oh. That’s all right.

” “Because, I am genuinely concerned. ” I asserted. Receiving no verbal reply but a brisk nod, I stood up and collected by belongings. I began to make my way towards the door and– “I suppose you speculate why I show up here every Thursday and return home alone? ” she asked simply. “Uh… actually.

.. I have thought about it… I.

.. ” I mumbled I myself am unsure about whether I should tell you this or not. In a way I am opening myself up to you. But, things such as these are hard to keep to oneself. I long for a friend, a confidant.

” She finished looking straight at me. This unexpected burst of affection caught me unawares but I rapidly regained my thoughts. “Luka, trust me” “The man who lives with me upstairs is my father-in-law. My maiden name is Luka Davis and I had the most ideal child-hood. My parents always provided me with everything but then I met Savio. Savio-my prince charming.All of a sudden, my world began revolving around him and my parents, education; my job all became a blur and faded away.

I loved him unconditionally and he said he would eternally be mine. We were married and he gifted me this pearl necklace,” she said toying with the necklace in her hand. “I was his queen, he would say.

We lived together for many years and it was perfect. No problems. Then he started returning home late from work, tired and distracted. His father moved in with us and drove me to a point of insanity, constantly nagging me and bickering.

One Thursday, he didn’t return late from work, he didn’t return at all.The absence of his son didn’t really bother my father-in-law until the end of the month when the rent was due and the money lining his pockets had to pay it. I was soon the victim of his wrath. Every Thursday I ask myself if he does return he will see me at the station and the love he felt for me before will rip through his body again, and we will be re-united. Think of me as deluded but it is hope that makes me immune to my father-in-law’s spiteful words and keeps me protected from his assaults.

Don’t feel pity for me for it isn’t going to bring Savio back to me. ” She finished with tears churning at her eyes threatening to spill.

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