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Last updated: April 25, 2019
The High Middle Ages witnesses
All of the above(The building of great cathedrals, the founding of universities, and the rise of the bourgeoisie)

What does NOT characterize Gregorian chant?
Triadic harmonies

A setting of Gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called:

A setting of Gregorian chant with two to four notes per syllable is called

The portion of the Mass that remains the same in every celebration of the service is called
The Ordinary

Ina addition to composing music, Hildegard of Bingen is known for
all of the above (visions that foretold the future, founding her own convent, and writing religious poetry)

Which of the following women was not only a religious leader but also a prominent figure in literature and music?
Hildegard of Bingen

In what part of the liturgy does the Alleluia occur?
Mass proper

Which religious figure is praised in the text of Hildegards Alleluia, O virga mediatrix?
The virgin Mary

The earliest type of polyphony was

Perotin was
the Notre Dame school composer who extended polyphonic writing to three and four parts

With which cathedral is the medieval composer perotin associated?
Notre Dame in Paris

The notre Dame style of polyphony, in which the tenor line was based on a preexisting chant melody and the upper voice moved freely (and more rapidly), was called:

Gaude Marie virgo is an example of
an organum

The early polyphonic genre that resulted from the addition of texts to all voices was called

Versatile medieval entertainers who paled instruments, sang, and danced, juggled, and performed tricks were known as

Which was NOT a function of secular music in medieval court life?
Devotional services

Raimbauts Kalenda maya is composed in the tradition of

Which diagram best represents the melody for Raimbauts Kalenda maya?

Raimbauts Kalenda maya is based on
a sung dance form called estampie

The French courtly love song of the Middle Ages was called the

Who composed the chanson Puis qu’en oubli?

Which does NOT characterize Puis qu’en oubli?
Monophonic texture

What is the form of a rondeau?

Medieval instruments can be divided into bas and haut, meaning:
soft and loud

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