R. k-? model for the inner layer of

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Sriram and G. Jagdeesh(2014) studied the shock boundary layerinteraction(SBLI) and performed wind tunnel tunnel analysis which results tothe formation of separation bubble. This separation bubble is controlled byboundary layer bleeding using slots. Menter et al.

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(1994) presented a two equation eddyviscosity model which utilised original k-? model for the inner layer of theboundary layer and switches to k-? in the freestream flow. In the second model,he modified the eddy viscosity in the previous model which accounts for theeffect of transport of principal turbulent shear stress. This new model (ShearStress Transport – SST) was found to greatly improve the prediction of adversepressure gradient flows, such as flows in scramjet inlets in presence ofoblique shock waves. Anderson et al.

(1990) provided basic concepts ofcompressible flow like isentropic flow, Rayleigh flow, Fanno flow, formationand types of shock waves etc. in his book, “Modern Compressible Flow”. Holland et al. (1995) carried out a computational andexperimental study of the internal aerodynamics of a three dimensionalsidewall-compression scramjet intake at Mach 10 and studied the effect ofparameters such as aerodynamic contraction ratio (CR), cowl position andReynolds number on its performance. The experiments were performed at in theLangley 31 inch Mach 10 tunnel for three values of contraction ratios (CR=3, 5and 9), three Reynolds numbers (Re=0.

55×106 per foot, 1.14×106 per foot and2.15×106 per foot) and three cowl positions. He concluded that upon increasingthe contraction ratio and decreasing the Reynolds number, the separationinduced by glancing shocks generated by the sidewall leading edges increases.He also stated that CFD results yielded good agreements with the “on design”conditions while poor agreements were obtained for highly separated flows.


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