Rabbit Proof Fence and To Kill a Mockingbird

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Last updated: April 29, 2019

Freedom – we have freedom, the freedom of speech, a “free” country, there have been wars on freedom, we get to experience freedom in many aspects, however today I will be persuading you that the statement; “Once we learn to Walk In Someone Else’s shoes we truly understand the meaning of freedom” is true though the 3 prescribed texts consisting of the film, “Rabbit Proof Fence” directed by Phillip Noyce, iconic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee and the “I Have a Dream” speech written and spoken by Martin Luther King Junior. We –the audience – understand the notion of freedom in King’s speech, which King uses to bring together the Caucasian masses with the African – American people. In “Rabbit Proof Fence” we see the meaning of freedom in Molly who shows the audience that you must persevere to have the given right of freedom. We see the understanding of freedom through Jem’s understanding; we see this understanding of freedom at the court case of Tom Robinson.

The film “Rabbit Proof Fence” set in the Western Australian outback in the early 1930’s, the audience can see this perseverance through the entire film, especially through the camera angle where Molly, Daisy and Gracie are walking through arid desert and the camera angle slowly pans out until you don’t see them anymore. This scene contributes to the audience’s understanding of walking in someone else’s shoes, which is a reoccurring notion through this entire film. We see Molly Craig’s fight for freedom when she is forcibly taken from her mother and is taken to the Moore River Native Settlement with her young sister and young cousin, during the train ride the girls are kept in a cage the camera angle also shows the girls’ inferior to the white man who comes in and checks on his tea. He looks upon them with disgust and contempt, they are then taken to the settlement on the back of a truck without any means of safet..

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