rapid reconstitution and deterrence. The modern telecom sector is

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rapid reconstitution and deterrence.

The modern telecom sector is trying to accommodate and create a global network to connect people across the globe. And the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors can tell us more about vulnerability structure for integrated systems of telecommunication. The vulnerability levels can be categorized from low to high. The vulnerability structure that contains the following items for each vulnerability(Detica, 2013): • ID – a unique identifier. • Title – a unique high-level descriptor.

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• Description – a detailed description of the vulnerability. • Related Trends – which industry trends contribute or relate to the vulnerability. • Vulnerability Level – a rating calculated on the impact and likelihood metrics. • Impact – an indication of the impact should the vulnerability be exploited/realised. • Likelihood – an indication of how likely the vulnerability is to be exploited/realised. • Rationale – a description of why the associated impact and likelihood values have been awarded.

Mitigation methods: since perfect security is rarely possible, a security architecture for the telecom core is needed to manage risk:A resilience infrastructure must be made which will withstand natural and manmade hazards with minimum interruption or failure.Primary and backup communications should be made which will not have single point of failure.Redundancy must provide multiple communication capabilities to counteract single point of failure.In case of an interruption or failure, plans for recovery or restoration should be put in with immediate effect.The present study showed how secure DNS can improve security of core operations, and enable reliable and broader use of cryptography.The present study also showed that all the nations are dependent on undersea cables and terrestrial fibre optic lines.

Thus to build the worldwide network of connections, one nation cannot protect its interest acting alone.Critical Analysis: The securities and vulnerabilities of the telecommunication industry are the weakest point of this industry. Every step that is being proposed have to be done in co-operation with all the nations together because we are all dependent on terrestrial and undersea network. The security threat to data transmission is one of the biggest threats in the industry. The ever-increasing bandwidth for the increasing consumer base is also one of the reasons for the data-security threat.

The condition can be improved if all the operators synchronise their services and cause minimal or no disruption over basic services like voice call and messaging. If all the different networks are synchronised then transmission of data with respect to speed and bandwidth will become easier and faster and secured. Improved security will also see a rise in more customer base for digital services as sensitive data are collected and stored. Since we are still dependent on fibre optics physically, vulnerabilities cannot be ruled out completely. It can thus be improved by international co-operation amongst the countries to better the terrestrial and undersea networks.

Mobile communication is the widely used network of 21st century, but there are major threats associated to it such as hacking, access to personal information, etc. To evaluate this threats a vulnerability and risk matrix is necessary. It gives an appropriate steps to handle and eliminate the threats associated with the communication. The security is also a concern for many developing nations, therefore prior to executing the model of integrated system, it is also necessary to evaluate the capabilities of a particular nation.

Many of the developing nations have the capability but lack in infrastructure management. These issues are also the key parts of security, resilience and

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