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Province against Juan Tamed and five (5) undefined armed male companies. 4.

This incident transpired at the Ground Floor of the Municipal Building, Publication, Gads, Met. Province on or about 9:45 PM, October 1 5,2013. Ill. FACTS OF THE CASE: 5. At about 1 1 :35 PM on October 1 5,2013, the above name complainant reported to this Station after lacking him in the bank by the suspect.

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He run away fast and went immediately in the Police Station. 6. Immediately thereafter POI Pedro Unassuming and POI Edgar Malignant accompanied and scoured Ground Floor of the Municipal Building.While looking towards the bank, the complainant recognized one of the suspect was inside the Bank and pointed it to the Policemen, POI Unassuming and POI Malignant approached at the same time informed him of his accusation and constitutional rights. Said the 7. Inside the Station, the suspect identified himself as Juan Tamed, 26 years old, single, Jobless and residing at Attaching, Gads, Met. Province. The Suspect stated further that one of his companions is certain John allegedly an asset of the NAP.

The banks money was recovered from the suspect which was turned to the evidence custodian for some evidentially purpose. 8. Investigation was conducted by ESP. Feline Mating who thereafter referred the case to Tatty. Jason Manta-on, Inquest Prosecutor.

The suspect was detained while the case prepared for transmittal.

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