Reading The Golden Touch Chapter 1-2

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Last updated: May 31, 2019
The little boy was so poor, sad, and cold that I felt great __________ for him.
She was unhappy about many things, but she was most __________ about the mess in the basement. 
He didn’t want anybody to steal his treasure, so he looked for a __________ place to keep it.
When he started eating he had a huge __________, but when he had finished the main part of the meal, he had no room for dessert.
When you feel no hope, you feel __________.

When you __________ something, you are worthy of that thing.
If you wish you had somebody’s wealth, you __________ that person for their wealth.
__________ is an expensive cloth that some sheets and clothes are made of.
When you are __________ with something, you are busy with that thing.
When you do things in a _________, you do them in a hurried and excited way.
The bowl was so bright and shiny that it __________ in the sunlight.

The athlete controlled his breathing by first breathing out, then __________.
The little girl poured sand into her hand and watched it __________ through her fingers.
He was always figuring things out. So when he looked at the gifts, he _________ what they must have cost.
What do we call old, old stories that often include gods or goddesses?
They have magic powers and live forever.
How are gods and goddesses different from people?
How the world began and where people come from.
What do many myths try to explain?
His daughter Marygold
What did Midas love more than anything?
A God
Who was the stranger inside of Midas’ room?
Grant him a favor
What did Midas think the stranger might do for him?
In his treasure room
Where did Midas like to spend most of his time?
Everything you touch would turn to gold
How does the golden touch work?
At sunrise the next morning
When did the stranger say that Midas would have the golden touch?
His handkerchief
What was the first thing Midas regretted turning into gold?
All the wise words
What was lost when the book changed into gold?

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