Rebellions started the process of the world becoming

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Rebellions have been inspired by adeclaration or group of people that dare to take a stand against theirgovernment or the society that they live in.

Once the “Declaration of Independence” was written, people around the worldbegan to change their ideas about government and society. These new ideas ledto more global connections. Not only did the American Revolution launch a newbeginning for the American people, it also started the process of the world becomingmore globally connected through the spread of new ideas and trade. In the caseof the American and French revolutions, the “Declaration of Independence” was the document that inspired thepeople to create change.On July 4th, 1776, the “Declaration of Independence” was approved.After being taxed and taken advantage of by Britain many times, the colonistsdesperately wanted change. The Continental Congress chose Thomas Jefferson todraft a document that explained how the colonists felt.

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The paper that he wrotewas the first ofa series ofdocuments written about new ideas for government and society. It stated thespecific ways in which the King of England had wronged the colonists, and theirintention to break away and form their own country. The document outlined whatthe colonists wanted to improve when they had their own country. For example,they wrote that they were leaving Britain and the King “For cutting off ourtrade with all parts of the world” (Declaration of Independence). The colonistsintended to create new trade routes and relations as soon as they were free ofBritain’s rule. They believed that the British were hindering their ability tobecome a wealthy and powerful nation. They write about “certain unalienableRights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”(Declaration of Independence).

The colonists were some of the first people to demandtheir rights in an official document. By declaring rights such as these, theyinspired other people around the world to claim their rights and eventuallymake their own global connections.As a new nation, America was freeto create new trade routes and relationships which opened up connections withcountries all over the world. America sent many ships to trade in China. One such ship wasnamed the Empress of China. The Americans traded ginseng, furs, cotton, andsome cash for tea, silk, and chinaware. Ginseng was one of the most valuablegoods the Americans had to offer, because the Chinese used it for its medicinalproperties. Prior to the American Revolution, the ginseng was collected inNorth America to be sold by the East India Company.

The British took advantageof the resources in America to make money. After the colonists officially brokeaway from Britain, they were able to sell the ginseng in China and add to theirown wealth. This trade helped America prosper, and it also helped them tocreate strong global connections. One voyager on the Empress of China wrote, “Herenational rivalries were temporarily suspended in favor of a united front ofmutual courtesy…” (Empress of China). By “here,” the mariner was referencingthe port in Canton.

Once the sailors reached China, they were able to put asidethe fact that they were from different nations and they conducted peacefultrade that benefitted everybody involved. Although breaking away from Britainwas difficult at first, America managed to make the best out of the situationand grow tremendously as a country. In addition to helping the UnitedStates create more trade relations, the “Declarationof Independence” inspired the “Declarationof the Rights of Man” and the “Declaration of the Rights of Women andCitizens” in France, which later led to the French Revolution. Writtenabout a decade after the Declaration of Independence, it is clear that both ofthese documents were inspired by the Americans. Both French documents statedthat everybody has the right to form their own opinions and have freedom ofspeech and religion. The “Declaration ofthe Rights of Man” states that “No one shall be disquieted on account ofhis opinions, including his religious views, provided their manifestation doesnot disturb the public order established by law” (DORM)These ideals werefairly new at the time, and publishing them was a bold move.

By declaring theserights, the French people were making a statement against their government. TheDeclaration of Independence and the entire American Revolution inspired the Frenchto take the first step in becoming a part of a more connected world.Prior to the writing of the AmericanRevolution, most countries were disconnected from each other. They reliedmostly on the resources from their own land to survive. After the Declaration of Independence, theAmericans connected people around the world through trade. They also inspiredother countries to demand rights so that they could be a part of the globalworld.

Once countries around the world were connected, goods were available tomore people. Ideas about society and government were spread from one country tothe next. This exchange benefited people all over the world because countriesestablished more stable governments and became more technologically advanced.At the time it was written, the Declaration of Independence had a huge impacton the world, and it continues to inspire people today.

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