The recent experience of a close family friend with professionals

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This assignment discusses the recent experience of a close family friend with professionals. It will also discuss their experiences relating to communication and professional values.

According to the Nursing and midwifery Council (NMC 2008), confidentiality will be kept throughout this assignment. The patient will be referred to as Moira. According to Silverman el at (2005) communication is the typical process of sending and receiving information between two or more people.

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The oncoming paragraphs explains the experience of a patient with health professionals paying particular attention to professional values and communication skills of the health professionals involved. Professional values, as defined by Fry and Johnston (2002), are the code of conduct that has been approved as an obligation for professional group. These range from empathy, respect, listening, confidentiality and competence among others.Dignity can be considered both personally, taking into account individual differences and subjectively as the foundation of human rights (Gallagher 2004).

Moira was born with a right duplex kidney with an upper pole obstructed megaureter and hydronephrosis. Moira has been on trimethoprim prophylaxis ever since she was born. Everything was explained in detail to the Moira’s parents as to why Moira was on antibiotics and why she was going to have an operation.They both understood the situation and happy to proceed down this line.

Moira was booked in for her first ultrasound and the appointment card was given to her parents and it was going to be when she was two weeks old. On the day of the scan Moira’s mum informed the hospital that she was going to be late for the appointment because of the traffic and the nurse who answered the phone was very polite and told her not to worry and they would wait for her as long as she would be there before lunch time.When Moira and her mother arrived at the hospital they did not know where to go and they went straight to the reception and they were directed by the receptionist. Even though Moira and her mother were late for the appointment, they only had to wait in the waiting room for ten minutes before being attended to. The nurse apologised to Moira and her mother for the delay. The sonographer asked Moira’s mother to confirm her daughter’s name, surname and date of birth to verify if she had the right patient.After the scan Moira’s mother was told by the sonographer that the kidney is still the same and the results of the scan would be sent to the paediatric consultant and that she would be contacted either by phone or by letter by the consultant. After two weeks Moira’s mum received a letter from the consultant stating that Moira should keep on taking her medication and she was put on waiting list for the operation which would be at a specialist hospital that was about two hours drive from where they live.

After one month Moira Parents received a letter informing them of a date for Moira’s operation, which would make Moira around five months old on the day of the operation. As it was a different hospital from were she was born, the letter contained all the information needed, the directions, items they needed to bring, were the parking was and the charges, and were the mother would sleep and how long they would be staying in the hospital. Moira’s parents were very impressed with all the information, especially as it covered everything they needed to know, which was very comforting in there time of great worry.On the day of the operation Moira and her mother arrived at the hospital on time and they asked the mothers consent for admission and treatment, and all the paperwork was done professionally.

The surgeon discussed the implication of the operation with Moira’s Mother and she had the chance to ask some questions as well, the surgeon listened very carefully and told her how long the producer would be. By doing so the surgeon demonstrated respect for the patient and good communication was achieved. According to Hong (2005) it is generally not important how you confirm your consent as long as it is done, it could be by saying yes or signing.NMC (2008) states that nurses should respect and listen to patient regardless of what their individual views are. This ruling also reflects the requirement of the Data protection Act 1998.

The consent exception is only valid if the person or Guardian knows exactly what the information is to be disclosed and who is to receive the information. All the markings were done on Moira showing where she was going to have the operation and while the doctor was marking he was still explaining to Moira’s mother why he was marking so she had an understanding.The surgeon exhibited his professional values by taking his time to listen to Moira’s mother respecting her views and beliefs. Health professionals should listen to patients and respect their views and beliefs, (NICE 2002; 4). After three hours the theatre was ready for Moira. Moira’s mother accompanied Moira to the theatre.

On arrival at the theatre the theatre nurse explained to Moira’s mother that she would be permitted to stay with her daughter for the anaesthetic and then would have to leave.Everyone needs good medical care, and this care should come from health professionals not to make patients feel bad or losing their self respect and dignity Milton (2005). In conclusion, the health professionals who attended to Moira showed expected standards of communication by listening to Moira’s mother and respecting her views and beliefs, by giving Moira’s mother the information she needed and explaining the treatment and prognosis in a way she could understand ( Data Protection Act 1998).This included information about any serious side effects of the prescribed drugs. The doctor gave Moira’s mother all the information she needed with regards to her daughter’s treatment and prognosis in a way she clearly understood. The health professionals also respected and upheld the patient’s confidentiality.

Communication is an essential part of good practice in nursing and to create a healthy relationship with patient in order to give personalized holistic care, adhering to the code of professional conduct (NMC 2008).

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