Recommendations: important to provide clear supervision to the

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Recommendations: Technical education should be made a part of education. Like classes for carpentry, electrical, and other technical education must be included in the set of courses.

As long as economic impetus to the students may motivate the parents to send their children to school and may help in reducing the failure percentage. Local government system is ready to lend a hand in promoting education and literacy in the country. In local government system the resources for education would be spent on a need basis by the region. Dishonesty in education departments is one of the factors for the poor literacy in the country. An efficient monitoring system is required in education departments. Governance should be enhanced and improved.

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Analysis of parents is required, so that they can select a career for their child which will promote friendly environment.(Hussain, 2015) Conclusion:Education system and a good one is very significant inPakistan for human capital. As we all know that the current situation of   Pakistan education is not very good as ithas failed to meet the required level of the society. On the other hand theprivate bodies are satisfying their duties and strategy.The system of education in Pakistan is managed by ministryof education and provincial government and the literacy rate ranges from 87 %to 20% in Baluchistan.

Therefore it is necessary for the government of Pakistanto take serious steps concerning this issue as it must be addressed using aappropriate forum and with complete planning. It must utilize its otherresources and reforming methods. The existing system is highly centralized andis up to district level.

Therefore a highly centralized system is not mucheffective for the betterment.In addition, it is important to provide clear supervision tothe training departments as well there must be a proper way of coordinationbetween district and provincial level. There must be complete resourceplanning, policy making and adequate management system and regulation.There must be complete implementation of literacy program byhumanizing the quality of education and fostering private education systems.

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