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 References :                    To sum up its clear that osmosis refers to the diffusion of water through aselectively permeable membrane in order to distribute concentration levels onboth sides of the membrane. Our hypothesis was successfully proven.

process wasstimulated and we were able to correctly form a reasonable conclusion andpercent composition. Conclusion:                          There were possible factors for error inthe experiment. The time that was needed for osmosis to occur was unknown.Also , tubing may not have been long enough to reach equilibrium. Therefore, the initial mass of the unknown solution in the dialysis tubing didnot conform to the stated procedure .as we were unable to pipette in thedesired amount of solution, we directly filled the tubing, tied it shut, andtyped their masses  Though we presumed that this would not affect theresults, as long as the concentration of the solution in the beaker was less thanthe one in tubing, and this may had a negative effect on the experiment.               When solution B was being tested, the dialysis tubing filled with solution B .

theweight was increased after osmosis takes place. therefore, that waterdiffused into the tubing and out of the beaker.  This indicates thatsolution B had a greater concentration of starch than that of the solution inthe beaker.               When solution A was being tested, it was cleared that the dialysis tubing whichwas filled with solution A weighed less after osmosis than it calculated beforeosmosis.  As the dialysis tubing is semi-permeable and allows only water through,water diffused out of the tubing and into the beaker.  This indicates thatsolution A had a lower concentration of starch than that of the solution in thebeaker.  To that effect, the experiment was successful.

 Osmosis occurred—there was a change in mass of both the dialysis tubing filledwith a solution of unknown concentration and the beaker of sucrose and water. This indicates that water diffused thruogh the semi-permeable dialysis tubing,and changed the weight of both the beaker and the tubing.               This experiment was designed to calculate the concentration percentage ofstarch in solutions A and B. Using a procedure involving osmosis occurringbetween the unknown substances and a solution of known concentration, thepercent composition of starch was calculated in solutions A and B.  As theresults demonstrate, solution A had a percent composition by mass of 1.0% andthat solution B originally had a percent composition of 0.9%. Discussion              based on the result and graph upon , solution A originallyhad a percent composition by mass of 1.

0% and that solution B had a percentcomposition of 0.9%. Therefore, increasing of time caused increasing in bagsweight these results may be inaccurate due to many error.   change in mass = Masfinal – mass initial / mass initial x 100 Percentage  This rule was used inthis experiemnt to find out the change of mass  Table(2) table upon shows the change in percentage of bagsmass    Time (MIN) 1 2 3 4 5 15 11.5063-11.1157/11.1157×100 =3.51 11.

99 22.85 42.12 -13.30 30 0.92 18.77 36.75 62.

22 -25.57 45 1.16 27.75 51.85 81.40 -35.77 60 2.

48 33.69 62.32 93.58 -45.

56 Time (MIN) 1 2 3 4 5 0 11.1157 11.1027 10.1814 5.9623 15.7454 15 11.5063 12.

4339 12.5078 8.4740 13.

6506 30 11.2180 13.1870 13.9228 9.6723 11.7179 45 11.

2443 14.1846 15.4614 10.8157 10.1127 60 11.3915 14.

8440 16.5270 11.5423 8.5712 Table 1 : mass ofbags per time   Results                       Produces: refer to lab manual  complex 3D shape. Hypothesis : glucose can pass through the dialysis tubing,but the starch will not because of its large, –         To measure the rate ofosmosis –         To observe the diffusionacross a differentially preamble membrane  Aims :                      The movment of osmosis is effected by some factors such astempriture. Timpreture is one of the most common factors that directly effectsosmosis rates. As tempreture increased the AKE or ” average kinateic energy ofparticals increases.

 Density of diffusingsubstances which defined as the amount of materials that’s exist within a givenvoulume. Diffussion is also depends upon the medium in whitch it takes placeand finally the concentration gradient. Diffusion and osmosis are one of the basicall steps of lifescience and a fundamental concept that must be known . Diffusion is the situationwhere the molecules transfer their self from region of high concentration tothe lower concentration when they are in direct compact. Where Osmosis is thesituation that displays basically the movment of molecuals from lowerconcentration to the higher one.

 Introduction     ID number : 20146211 Section : 8Name : Haneen Abdulla Salman       Diffusion and osmosis   Department of BiologyUniversity of Bahrain Ministry of education Kingdom of Bahrain

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