Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay #1 My summer was filled with fun and excitement. I had a chance to spend quality time with both my friends and family. This summer was busy but fulfilling. Some of the activities that I participated on are church youth camps and hospital volunteer work.

The reason why I volunteered at the hospital is because I want to pursue a career in the medical field, by volunteering at the hospital (JPS Hospital), I would be able to gain valuable experience and learn to perfect and increase my social skills.While at the hospital I worked in the pharmacy, where I met four amazing women, Becca, Lorrie, Judie, and Minnie. We would have the greatest times at work, talking and joking about our lives and how much we enjoyed each others company, for without these four, I don’t think that I would have continued working there.

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I realized that nothing could compare to the pleasure of a friends company. I ended up staying and working at JPS for the duration of the summer and each time I showed up to volunteer, they would always greet me with a warm smile that made me feel welcomed.My experience at JPS was rewarding and worthwhile, if I had a choice to go and experience the hospital again next summer, I would definitely choose to go.

Over the summer I attended youth camps for church. During these camps, I had to endure the excruciating July heat of Texas. The first day of camp is always the most electrifying for me because I am looking forward to the activities and games the coordinators have planned for us, but as the days went on and the games grew tiresome, I started feeling homesick, not only for an air conditioner but also for my mother, who would be waiting for me at home armed with questions about my “adventures. During the camps I developed a greater understanding of my faith as well as forming stronger bonds with my friends.

Even though I only described two things that I did over the summer, these two things took up a great deal of my time and kept me busy and focused for much of the summer.

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