Reflective review essay on domestic violence

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Last updated: August 1, 2020

Brooding Review

During the class of this survey I feel I have achieved priceless properties, and besides developed farther accomplishments and cognition in the subject country. This undertaking was the first clip I have conducted a whole survey on a individual subject and I am proud to hold completed it within the deadline clip set.This survey helped me to develop my research skills further than that tested by assignments, essays and studies in other faculties and gave me the freedom to research literatures which I felt appropriate.

This helped me to better my reading accomplishments every bit good to supply me with the ability to measure which literatures would be of relevancy and which would n’t.On an understanding degree I feel my assurance has been boosted by the cognition I have gained of the sentiments and points of position of different literatures leting me the ability to see the subject country from different positions and opening my head to the thought of others, this has besides done my self-esteem admirations during a survey I was determined and passionate to finish.Maltreatment is a concealed tabu topic that has been happening for many decennaries but has non surfaced every bit much as subjects such as pedophilias and colza. The ground for this is because domestic force has non been exhaustively researched and made cognizant to communities of this twenty-four hours and age to let them the ability to cognize right from incorrect.Work force in Islam interpret the readings of the Quran in different ways, ways in which suit them or they feel is right instead than the existent instructions which have been of all time present and ne’er altered.

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Some work forces believe that by crushing their married womans they are the dominant 1 in the relationship and that they have authorization over their married womans to make as they wish, how they wish and when they wish. Womans tend to avoid talking out about their experiences and state of affairss due to the deficiency of security which they have and the fright of households every bit good as communities speaking about them and possibly even disinheriting them. Another factor that hinders adult females from talking out is the linguistic communication barriers as the bulk of those who can non talk English or any other linguistic communication other than their female parent lingua are the 1s being abused but can non talk to anybody about it so therefore as a consequence they merely suffer on their ain and take the maltreatment.Domestic force is a uninterrupted rhythm and is said to be a learnt behavior which is picked up and carried on by work forces from their predecessors. So in kernel the ground for a male to be an maltreater is merely because he picked it up from his male parent mistreating his female parent. Muslim adult females are besides non really good educated in Islam so therefore they are non cognizant of the correct and wrong signifiers of maltreatment as they portray abuse as normalcy so they allow it to go on and transport on.

In drumhead I felt that the survey was a success as I met the purposes and aims of the survey which were set in chapter 1 and besides managed to reply the survey inquiry on completion of all the research. The survey was clear and precise for readers to be able to follow it with easiness.

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