Refugee guidance integrating health promotion, improving equity in

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Refugee camp is a temporary settlement built to receive refugees – the people who has beenforced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster. Disease canrapidly overwhelm a small, crowded camp without waste management, latrines, access to safewater and promotion of good hygiene. Putting those measures into place and keeping them thereis hard work. Refugees are often getting less medical services and sanitation facilities for lack offunding and program on health sector.

World Health Organization (WHO) has been working forincreasing guidance integrating health promotion, improving equity in health and reducing healthrisk all over the world. WHO is actively working for insuring proper health and sanitation ofrefugees as well as migrants.The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan recognizes the current situation of refugee camps. We hadsuch kind of crisis in 2016, when Syrian civil war started, above 70000 (656000 registered byUNHCR, two third were children and women) people was took shelter in Jordan border.

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We hadsuccessfully overcame those crisis with the cooperation of WFP, UN agencies, national andinternational NGOs .So in partnership with the UN agencies, countries and NGOs Jordan istrying its best to develop a healthy life of the refugees in Jordan.Observing the current situation of the refugee camps in order to ensure proper health andsanitation mechanism for them, Jordan would like to suggest some measures to be taken intoaccount:? Adopting necessary plans to ensure the access of medical services (doctors, testingmaterials, medicine, vaccine etc.) in refugee camp in the same way that of the nationals? Ensuring hygiene and healthy environment with the access to sanitary facilities includinghand washing soap and safe drinking water in refugee camp? Ensuring healthy food for the refugees specially women and children by introducing”healthy kitchens initiative”? State should promote and equally distribute health care support with the help of nationaland international NGOs? WHO should create and monitor a fund for refugees with the help of first and secondworld countries.Jordan has a co-operative attitude to work with WHO on the current issue to ensuring properhealth and sanitation mechanism in refugee camp and expects the committee to come up withproper plans for engaging them to ensure a better healthy life for the refugees.Honorable MinisterAyman SafadiThe Hashemite Kingdom of JordanReferences:?

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