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Relationships cannot be defined by a contract, a statement or a textbook.

It is something that cannot be detected by our five senses; we just accept that it exists. A relationship is something which creates bonds between people and is unable to be broken by physical force or by spoken words. Like the formation, the ending of a relationship can only be achieved mutually.Although relationships are not concrete objects, it cannot be denied that it carries a certain importance.

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As can be seen from ‘A Walk to Remember’, Jamie Sullivan’s cancerous condition had upset both her and Landon’s lives. Yet it is due to each other’s ongoing love and support, were they able to accept this as the truth and make the best of the situation. Jamie died without a single regret in her life, and Landon, through meeting Jamie, had changed from the local bad-boy to a successful man that Jamie would’ve been proud of.Another example is the movie ‘Monsters Inc.’, where we learn that interdependence is just as important as independence. Through the trust that comes with a relationship, best-friends Sulley and Mikey were successfully able to defeat the villains and save the day in the most clich�d way possible.However, we cannot overlook the presence of ‘bad’ relationships.

Its importance is to balance the equation. Like everything in the world, relationships must also have the nature of the ying and yang, where the equilibrium keeps control.New babies in family can affect relationships either in a good way or a bad way. Fortunately, the addition of children usually brings joy to the family.

However, very occasionally it can also affect relationships in a bad way. For example, it can be the cause of dispute in a family who’s divided about whether they want children or not.As much as couples like to say that there is no sexual attraction within a romantic relationship, we can almost be certain that this is not true. It is absolutely normal that by being drawn to a person, it can result in an arousal in sexual desires.

That is, the desire to make physical contact with another person in a less than innocent way.In majority of contexts, relationships are portrayed as positive aspects of life. Foe example, love should not be based purely on exterior and therefore should not be changed by any obstacles that may arise (Quote: “.

..Love alters not with its brief hours and weeks…

“). Love is only one out of the many types of relationships, yet the rules of love are applicable to any type of relationship – the eternal and unbreakable bond.

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